Honey Oil: "Winterized" Extraction

Weed Light Effects

Greetings, WeedCash Network!

Let's make some Honey Oil!

And through out this process we always Remember...



The first thing on our list is siphoning some 99.8%
Isopropyl Alcohol into some glass jars.

A lot of people use Butane and the honey extractor,
which seems to be the preferred method for lots of
people, but there are also other ways to extract the
One of those ways is with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.
It is always a good idea to be safe when handling
the Iso as it is very flammable and also can be very
So be sure to use adequate ventilation if indoors.


Once we have the Isopropyl Alcohol inside the jars, we place the lids
on them and drop them directly into the snow for approximately 2
You can place them into the freezer also of course, but this way is
equally effective in cooling down the alcohol fast.
One of the reasons that we are using ice-cold Isopropanol is because
it will cut down on the amount of unwanted waxes that the plant has
in the extraction, and that will give us a more pure and smooth
It also is recommended to freeze the marijuana as well. That will also
help contribute to keeping the temperature nice and low.


We are using approximately 2 ounces of ground up MK Ultra. It isnt anything too special, just a mixture of the smaller buds and sugar leaves with a bit of stem.
Once we are ready to go we are going to be wrapping the weed up into cheese cloth and then placing that inside of a large glass container.
Then pour the ice-cold Iso into the jar where we let it sit for about 20 -30 seconds, only slightly stirring it around.
As soon as the time is up we put on the gloves and remove the cannabis wrapped in cheese cloth and begin squeezing out what is left before putting the bud aside. It can be used to repeat the process a second time, if desired. Mind you it will be a lower quality extraction. but still good none the less.



So here we can see, after we finished squeezing the last bit of liquid from the bag, we filter it through 2 normal cloth rags and placed it into a double boiler.
(We made our double boiler from a simple frypan filled with water and heart shaped pie pan to hold the extraction.)
We turn on the fans and get the doors opened up for ventilation.
We bring the water to a simmer and away we go. For us, 30 minutes is what it took to evaporate the alcohol out completely.
To finish we used a rubber spatula to scoop it onto a plate with ice under it, and used a pin like scooper to pick it off the plate and into the jar.
To the Right is the finished product spread out on some papers.
Here though we prefer to use the dab rig and torch.. Butter knives work too.

Thanks for coming by,





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