Medicinal buds

Hello dear friends!

What to do, what to do now? I'm running out of a medicinal plant, which I grew in 2019. It’s very sad when you realize that in about a week or sooner your reserves of medicinal smoke will be exhausted. The bottom is near. But, as they say, a respite without healing smoke is not fatal.
So, while I still have some medicinal buds, I decided to take a couple of interesting photos and share with you, friends.
I took from my wife a frying pan, which served as a tray, and an old cover from the tablet, which served as the background, I arranged a small photo shoot.


Opening the jar in which the medicinal buds are stored, I immediately felt a pleasant oily smell, which stupefied my head for a second. The buds are very dry, but this did not stop them from filling the whole room with the fragrant smell of happiness.
A variety of medicinal buds is called "Y" Griega. I raised this Sativa in 2019 and very successfully. THC reaches 27.1%, the effect is able to turn the head even the most persistent Rastaman. Personally, I have enough for the treatment of half a smoked cigarette, not more.


A medical cigarette is ready to treat me. Why did I choose the "Y" Griega variety for cultivation in 2019 due to its healing qualities. It is actively prescribed to patients with migraines, glaucoma, chronic fatigue syndrome and loss of appetite.

After the first inhalation of medicinal smoke into the lungs, I felt a sweet citrus aroma with floral shades, which caused me complete spiritual satisfaction, which I also wish you.


All health and profit.

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