BroFi - Another way to access passive income


Have you heard of the BRO token and Mancave project? This project is backed by the Hive-Engine BRO token and provides drips of other coins that the project holds. These are provided through returns from curation mostly and the team are always looking for new ways to invest and support new projects on HIVE to grow the ecosystem.

Enter their newest venture BROFI......

In partnership with ARCHON and DHEDGE, BroFi was setup by the talented @taskmanager. Essentially, it is a platform where you can delegate various tokens to @brofi and receive daily drips of BRO tokens. These tokens have risen significantly on HE since they were first floated and the drips and returns delivered have made this token a great investment.

The official post for BroFi can be found here: [Officially Announcing BROFI - In Partnership with ARCHON & DHEDGE}(

Returns from delegating tokens are also determined by Voting by BRO holders. You can vote for three tokens and the pools that receive the highest votes deliver the largest returns in BRO to delegators:

How does it work?
Okay, so, all you need do is delegate Hive, or a tribe token to @brofi to earn daily BRO. That's it. That's all. There is no upper or lower limit. You may delegate the lowest denominator of one of your coins and watch the divs come in! Granted, they wont be big divs, but you can compound them all the same if you wish!

There are several pools where users can delegate to ranked highest to lowest. The top pool receives the most share and then the pot reduces by 50% every move down.

BRO holders can vote on which pools they wish to see at the top. These votes are weight based, so your vote will have significant impact if you are a large holder as opposed to a small holder.

I voted for WEED, PAL and LEO as these are what I'll be delegating.

The best place to ask and find out about this exciting initiative is in the MANCAVE (aka BRO Discord):

BRO will be delivered to the project by the team through selling curation rewards and purchasing BRO through Hive-Engine. This will then create an even stronger market for BRO and the price should increase accordingly.

The tokens you can delegate currently are: $WEED $LEO $HIVE $CTP $STEM $NEOXAG $CCC $PAL
I'd expect to see more tokens come on board in the future. Hopefully $SPT might be an addition???

I think this is a great move by the team and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes!

Thanks for reading.

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Wow that is really a new concept i would surely like to delegate the tokens which i generally dont use instead of selling them directly