Werner Schmid

Mit coolen Menschen und den besten Freunden die Welt zu bereisen, um an den schönsten Orten und Stränden zu Coachen, gemeinsam zu Arbeiten und mit viel Spaß an der Sache das Leben zu genießen. Let's have more fun in life :-) Travel with cool people around the world to work together on the best beaches and places around the world.
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Received stake of 0.1096609 WEED from weedcash
Received 0.1096609 WEED from weedcash Here are your claimed tokens! (0.109661 more WEED were added to WEED POWER)
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Received stake of 1.01415076 WEED from weedcash
Received 1.01415076 WEED from weedcash Here are your claimed tokens! (1.014151 more WEED were added to WEED POWER)