Starting In The Fetal Position (The Vapor Test No. 1)


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Douglas Rushkoff started off The Vapor Test No. 1 in the Fetal position. This lil joke of Doug's was inspired by him being curious about curryhobo's creative studio and trying to make sense of a blank space in his background.

In this No. 1 clip from Pulling The Cosmic Trigger with Rushkoff, I got inspired by the things Doug said and what curry drew. Vapor Ah Xoc Kin was born. And when I thought of Change is Death, I knew I had to sample sexdeathrebirth.

The Human species is undergoing radical change, Change is Death

Once you recognize yourself, Kill yourself (Like Bowie?)
practice ego death to be reborn into something else

The Conquistador mindset, ended up sowing the seeds of their own demise. The Death of the old self/civilization, really its the renaissance of humanity, beauty, and life.

look to the mycelium systems for they know the way to truly change...

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