5 Minute Freewrite: the night before



That night before, we last were together
I couldn't see a future without you
but that all change, when dawn came

I still remember when you told me
you make me believe in marriage again
they still echo within me

I still cry, but now the weight
the weight that I felt
that tied me to you

now I finally feel good again
I feel like I can finally breathe again

I Believe That Certain People Come
Into Your Life For A Reason...

Ginsberg's wrote of The weight,
the weight we carry is love.

"Certain people come into your life for a reason",
connections are mysterious things some kind
of weight of the world pushing and pulling us
lost fish, swimming in this cosmic pool,
spinning aro...he angelic wings of time

Yeah, I Personally Do Not Believe In The Word
Nothing Is Just Coincidence ...

It's synchronicity
Exactly xx

something just told me to tag you
Ooh Something Huh..? xx
yeah... I was just thinking...
about what we talked about
and the connection just...
*I Could Prob Guess Who That
Connection Was Too... 😇😇...
As My Mind Has Been Quite Troubled Recently.... *

yeah, it's tricky business for sure
you can sense things
but never really 'know' things
been trouble recently
I have been thru it
real bad
still working out stuff
but I am pretty good
and dancing to the heartbeat
of the universe again
and it feels good

and the weight, it was finally good again
the secret is first there is no secret
and second is the weight
its always there whether
You're aware of it or not
or if it's too much...

then it finally
feels good again
and you can finally
breathe again
and move
and dance
and be you

Day 1278: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: the night before