A DCity Update


Screenshot 2021-07-24 3.23.57 PM.png

You probably thought I forgot about my #DCity update this week, didn't you? All the vacation fun we're having...waterfalls, Lake Superior, bonfires by the lake, and hikes galore. Well, I didn't forget! I managed to keep up with my simulation daily; each day, I continued to record my daily earnings, tax burden, and positives received in the game. So how did I do? Well, like you, I continued to suffer from taxes:

Screenshot 2021-07-24 3.35.31 PM.png

Taxes have spiked, yet again, bringing the 7-day moving average to roughly 86%. If you don't have a tax discount yet in the form of a law office, that means you are at 96%. Tough simulation!

The positives last week included the following :

    • 4 trained worker cards
    • 1 trained scientist card
    • 1 better documentation technology card

I didn't run any Splinterlands fest last week, as I'm trying to stockpile as much DEC as possible before the upcoming token drop. I'll get back to running that event when I can once the dust settles over there...

Here are my current earning cards, in USD:

Screenshot 2021-07-24 3.40.07 PM.png

Screenshot 2021-07-24 3.40.16 PM.png

Another week of action in, despite the vacation. As I've said many times before, I'm into this game for the long term. Sure, other games like R-Planet, Splinterlands, and the upcoming Colonize Mars are calling out for my fiat...but I feel loyal to this one after my initial investment and am happy to ride it out.

For the upcoming week, I plan to accumulate as much SIM daily as I can and load up more Weed Farms yet again next Saturday. Weed Festivals, look out...this demiurge is ready to party.

That's it for this week; thanks, as always for stopping by and giving this a read. And as always, drop any strategy or other money-making ideas below...I love that sort of thing, just like you. Thanks again!