Vinyl Skateboard Graphic Application - From Rilo (Solan Dragon)


It was like a mystical dream of skateboard lore to be able to apply my very own design printed on vinyl to a board. I wanted to share this little edit I made of the end application process I did on the living room coffee table. I hope you enjoy!


"Skateboard Vinyl application experiment that I tried with a blank board that I wasnt selling. This design is called Solan Dragon and I only ever made two of these. I designed this graphic awhile back and managed to get a few vinyl prints made while I was working at a print shop. They would have cost me about $30 a piece for the entire length of the board. With the price of the blanks already being $15 and considering the weight added by the vinyl I didnt think these would be worthy of further investment. Especially considering CCS(A huge online skateshop) has now partnered with Threadless(A really nice Artist print production market) to give me the amazing quality of professional board feel that I have tried and tested true. I only have one of these left after I gave one away at a local skateboarding competition. I am going to get one of those vacuum board presses next and see about actually forming my own boards!

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