HBD is going to the MOON!


august 11, 2020 12.png

Today I just noticed that the price of HBD has went over $3.34 which is unprecendented.

I have only ever seen the HBD top off at $1.10.

The price has already started to consolidate now sitting at $3.23.

I am full of questions surrounding this event and what could have caused it!

scrnli_1_31_2021_91524 PM.png

Was this a controlled event?

Can it happen again and how can we anticipate such an occurrence?

Who caused it to happen?

Many questions!?!

I am actually a bit bummed because I just transferred some HBD to HIVE at about $.92 the other day. QQ

Either way it's a really cool event to have been a witness to and ponder over even if I didn't 3x my $2 of HBD.

Hopefully some of you all have some idea what caused this event!

If I had to guess it was orchestrated by the HIVE devs in some attempt to better monetize the platform.

It could also be some strange attack on the platform like a wallstreetbets scenario lol

Thanks for reading and if you have a different or even better theory let us all know in the comments below!

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