Velvet Bud Cannabis Strain


Hello to all, I recently was able to get my hands on some Velvet Bud. This is the first time I have sampled this strain as well as a first hearing the name. Not up to snuff on my Velvet I started to do a bit of looking around. I find this particular strain is a cross of Dutch Treat and Blueberry. Sounds delicious. I still hadn't received my sack as I was reading about the buds I was expected to hold, but the pictures I came across were some really beautiful takes. I could not wait. After all, I like to sample something new, who doesn't.

The time hit and as always the runner was right on time with the bag, a good quality in a runner in my opinion. The buds were great looking all of them around 2.5 - 3 inches in length, and about an inch diameter at the base. Very bright in color, had a great aroma that I haven't smelled in some time, and were definitely frosty. I could tell I was going to have a blast taking some pics of these nugs, let alone smoking it.

The color balance is a bit off on this pic, however you can see the bright green yellow of the bud. These nugs are bright green with minimal accenting of deep orange created by the hairs. There is sporadic trace hints of purple, but very minimal at that.


Under some whiter light, the frost begins to show a bit more.


I think this photo encompasses the majority of Velvet Buds look, at least this growers batch. Yellows, oranges, greens, and a fade of purple. The aromas being released as I fondle this bud to grab some good shots are incredible. This go around, the bud is super fresh and leaves residue on my finger tips just like you'd expect.


Let me pick out one nug, one section.


The snowcapped peaks and frosted valleys are easily spotted as they appear at every spot you choose. As we get in on this section you can see the abundance of trichomes still attached. They are nice and cloudy-white, just what were looking for! There is no doubt this bud was allowed proper time to produce the medicinal components we are after, along with what appears to have been minimal processing and handling.


When we zoom a bit more, we can see there is actually a few trichomes that have yet to fill as they are clear or not fully cloudy-white. This doesn't mean this cannabis was picked too early by any means, but it had the potential to be a bit more umphy in my opinion.

Picking, or chopping, is all grower preference, and or dictated by end product desire. You often hear of how much amber it has, this is another factor in a grower deciding the end time. As well as the fact the plant ripens in a wave, it doesn't all cloud up over night, this happens over the final weeks of the grow. All the time, in theory and hope, continually producing usable mass. You would have to assume new trichomes are being produced daily. They do not form cloudy, they form and then cloud up. Which would also leave one to expect to always have some clear as glass.


Here a bit closer, we can now see the ambers.


I'll break some up here and give the run down.

Immediately there is a crazy citrus smell that fills the nose, and I mean who rubbed the lemon? Mixed in is a sweet, but it is so over powered by the lemony you really only catch hints of it. When the sweet does come through there is a bit of a fruitiness to it. Like I said before, my fingers are nice and sticky now.




This photo gives a bit better image of the purple hues.


An upskirt shot shows just how deep this girls trichomes go.


I think I will put this in my pipe and smoke it.



Nothing like having an overflowing bowl of some sweet lemony brightly colored cannabis.

The first hit brings a hell of a citrus slam, but the fruitiness of the smell is in the taste a bit stronger than in the balance of the aroma. That in my opinion is a bonus. The second hit still carries the citrus flavor, however the fruity is now a bit skunky. That's ok, it tastes awesome. The smoke is very smooth and easy to hit, even with my bad lungs from the years of abuse.

Once again, this was a product of an indoor grow, LED no doubt. The buds are extremely full, but they are very light. I don't quite know how to describe it, the buds are phenomenal, but a fully packed bowl burns up in a matter of 4 or so hits. Excuse me for wanting to puff on it a bit.

In a way I look at this as also a sign of care in the final processes the grower under took. There is not much ash, I would assume this means the organic compounds I am inhaling through the method of smoking are minimized. This could also be a huge factor to the smoothness of the smoke.

The high is very ready to go, cerebral, but you are definitely high. Creativity could be seen with this specific strain as thoughts continually dig deeper upon themselves. Almost tunneling through the mind, but in a very focused way.

The taste of this cannabis, the smell, the looks are all pretty right on for a quality strain. The high is a pleasantly notable one and I'm sure most would enjoy in the daytime. All in all if this were a scale of 5, I give this Velvet Bud a 4.

Until next time toe toe toke it up,



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Oh my goodness, those nugs look frosty! You did a great job! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this particular variety!

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