My relationship with Mary Jane has come to an end 🌿❌ - Quitting Cannabis entry #1 - WEEDLY UPDATES -


Hello lovely people <3,

Finally! The time has come! I am sure this is going to be one of the hardest decisions in my 20s... BUT!

As I mentioned in my #introduceyourself post, Cannabis was probably the substance that has shaped me the most through out the years...
Everything started with this magical plant. I will be forever thankful for the possibilities that cannabis revealed to me and Mary Jane has shaped me the way I am.


Now, however I recognized that I am consuming cannabis more in a way of escaping from myself or from issues that I deal with recently, rather than using it as a tool to connect with my inner being. It feels like that I squeezed out every tiny bit of spiritual potential that is coming out of this substance. At least for me in this period of time I am convinced that THC itself will provide more self-harm than spiritual growth...

For instance it can be referred to a relationship with a girl that someone really loved from the deepest bottom of his heart, But now it all evolved towards a certain point where both partners start to feel kinda insecure and unhappy due to disagreements about the path that both partners decided to go together. Only the "high" in the relationship, the sex obviously keeps the bond barely alive. But after awhile they determine it's better to go seperate ways.


Anyway! There is a big sensation of gratitude in both of them, because of all the magnificent adventures that both partners shared during their beloved time and it was absolutely worth the experience. That's why they decide to leave on good terms...

... And this is really how I am feeling about Mary Jane right now.


Unfortunately, as we all know our minds tend to play games with ourselves in a way that will let you fall back into a place where u say to yourself: Oh! I think it's not a big deal to "leave a little" every now and then. The reasons can be diverse...
In terms of my own situation I struggled with the following notion the hardest: "I am on a good way of becoming an artist.. right? Even my biggest inspiritions in the psychedelic music scene tend to smoke cannabis, so why shouldn't I do the same to enhance my creativity?"

Well, FAR WRONG! What I experienced lately is that my productions and DJ Sets are way more precise and technically on a higher level when I am clear-minded. I commonly end up in downward-spirals because I am running in circles with my music while I am stoned. Due to the fact that psychedelic music is my number one passion, I will let go of everything that doesn't serve me in any way in order to enhance my progress...

The purpose of this series is to show the process of quitting an unhealthy cannabis consumption. Maybe I am able to inspire some people to do the same for example those who always wanted to give up in recent times but couldn't manage it in any way. I will document in steps of 7-14 days about HOW I feel during this process and I am going to tell you about what has changed in my life. For instance the meeting of new people; My behaviour to my friends and family; my job-related projects and my realationship to mother nature etc.

Right now I am feeling really good about my plan: I am already more than one week into THC abstinence and my body and mind feels great! Clear-minded and no brain fog whatsoever. That was a really productive week for sure!

In addition: If your body gives u weird responses for not smoking weed like crazy sweating at night, insomnia or inner restlessness, I can highly recommend using CBD Oil as a great tool. In this regard CBD should make things way more easier. If you can't get rid off the habit of holding something like a cigarette/joint between your hands you can order CBD herb online roll it up into a joint and you are good to go.

So that's it for now... I will inform you guys about the changes.

cheers and thanks for reading <3


PS: I am sorry for not releasing any content in the last weeks. Stressfull days in recent times and I had to deal with a few issues that I didn't see coming. I promise that there is going to be more action on this blog in future times^^ Furthermore, to be honest, I am convinced that giving up cannabis is going to help me to keep up a frequent activity with my stories. <3



That’s very wise of you to recognize the fact that cannabis is holding you back. That takes guts. So many people, especially young people probably shouldn’t be smoking either, and I can even think of older people as well. Good luck on your journey .


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