Let go of the outer plant to make room for another one within yourself. ๐ŸŒฟโŒ- Quitting cannabis #3 - Build a new identity!

Peaceful greetings to all of you! <3 I felt for sure better the last days. The reason might be that the cannabis-smoking-urges are less present than the weeks before. Peace is rising up within me again so to speak.

When I was looking over the sea on the balcony the last night I came up with a thought that I wanna share with you today.

When I was in the last 2 years at "high-school", I was one of those guys, who fit in the Cannabis-image probably the most even though I knew some guys who smoked more than me at this time. However weed always played a big role in the evolution of my personality and it's always been like an indicator for example the friends that I was around with, the music that I listened to, my overall behaviour yada-yada-yada.

This way of living continued until today. It's like I carried a label around my neck where it says:

"Weed is my everything"

What I want to say is the following: When you like weed and use it on a regular basis it represents a big part of your identity. But when you have the feeling that you need to quit, because it is holding you back you NEED to let go a big part of yourself. Somehow it feels like dying before you actually die. I think this is the reason why many people are hesitating to take that step due to the fact that they are afraid of these questions:

Who am I afterwards? What are my friends gonna say about me? Will I even be able to enjoy my life after quitting?

But whatever it takes, when you are courageous enough to overcome these obstacles you are creating a realm for a NEW plant that is starting to grow within yourself...

...Certainly the letting-go process is going to leave a hole in your being. In this regard I think it is key that you must close it with a new activity or a habit that is actually delivering high-quality food for your soul to start up some kind of a healing process. For instance in my case, I am getting more into music production beside my path as a DJ since I have been able to quit weed. Recently, this new hobby feels like a high-valuable exchange for my Cannabis habit. Just as spending time in nature, diving-deep into new music projects helps my mind to not fall into a craving-state.

In addition I want to clarify that cannabis is not "evil". Even today I am convinced that this herb can still be exceedingly helpful for a huge amount of people when you are using it the right way. I am just sharing my experiences that I had with this plant in order to help people, who feel the same way I do.

That's it for now. Stay healthy and thanks for reading <3




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