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Ah, Jon. I've always had the drive to never give up. The reason I'm in this position is because I without fail, kept getting up each day and showing up. That being said I'd stop viewing everyone as having massive knowledge and me nothing.

When I went into the game my first thought was to suck up knowledge, and I went around thinking everyone knew everything and I knew nothing. So this time around I'd walk in the game knowing I had just as much to offer everyone else as they did me.

Secondly I'd jump right out of my comfort zone and make sure I do at least one thing per day that makes me shit my pants. Brofund at the beginning? Shitting it! Doing thing? Shitting it haha. It's doing the outside of your comfort zone that gets you places.

Thirdly I'd stay away from those shiny downloadable products that offer you the world but deliver you your nan with her pants down. Product speculation 1000%, once delivered: 1%

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