Warning signs that you are mentally and emotionally exhausted



10 Warning signs

If you have ever gone through a prolonged period of intense stress, whether it is from your job, a relationship or a major life crisis, then you may have experienced emotional exhaustion, and while this may seem somewhat vague, it is actually very real and can seriously affect your mental and physical health if left unchecked. Today I will show you 10 warning signs that you are mentally and emotionally exhausted.


If everything bothers you even though there is no reason for it to happen, and sometimes you feel that you would like to isolate yourself from the world so that nothing and nobody irritates you, you are already showing clear signs of exhaustion. When you find yourself in these circumstances sit down and relax, breathe deeply, better yet, take a break and free yourself from stress.


You find it increasingly difficult to do any work, simple tasks suddenly seem complicated and you lack the creativity and thought process to successfully complete anything. The work that you once found exhilarating now feels overwhelming, it is time to rest and let the ideas come back to you, try not to push yourself too hard and you will find that inspiration will come to you when you least expect it.


Brain fog is common in people with emotional exhaustion, research shows that exhaustion can severely damage your cognitive ability, and as a result, you may have trouble concentrating, remembering things, or making plans, you may even feel a sense of fear or get lost in your own thoughts.


As a result of your excessive exhaustion, you are feeling more and more stressed out than usual, anxiety attacks are becoming a daily routine and can be frightening. Try not to get carried away by fear, remember, it is a sign that you need to slow down and focus on yourself, spend some time alone and discover what you need in life.


One of the most frustrating things about exhaustion, is that you are extremely tired and just want to sleep but can't, no matter how tired you are, your thoughts turn in your head and you can't calm them down, and this makes you more stressed. Meditate or try to have positive thoughts before you go to bed, you need at least 6 to 8 hours of adequate sleep to feel good mentally and physically.


You no longer want to take responsibility, you feel you have a huge burden and cannot bear it any longer. Too much stress instigates your mind to shut down and therefore, you tend to avoid responsibility, remember, it is okay to avoid responsibility sometimes, but it creates a negative impact if practiced for too long. Take a break and recharge, you will be fit and better off if you do.


There is a close biological link between your hormonal balance and your emotional state, so it should not surprise you that mental and emotional exhaustion is often accompanied by such an imbalance. This change in your hormones and neurotransmitters not only affects your emotions, it can also affect your digestive system by altering your appetite. Depending on the balance, you may notice that you are eating much more, that you are hungry all the time or that you may lose your appetite completely.


When you are completely exhausted, all the tensions you encounter feel more intense and build up inside you, until finally, all your system can do to cleanse itself is cry. Living every day on the edge of tears means that your emotions have reached their peak, and you need to withdraw from the situations that cause you stress so that you can take control again.


Emotional exhaustion can manifest itself physically, when people are very tired mentally, their bodies are too worn out to function normally, and they begin to feel constantly dizzy and want to vomit. If this happens to you, it is an important warning sign that you need a break to get your body back to normal.


The most extreme feeling a person who is really exhausted can feel is that their life has no meaning at all, if you feel emotionally disconnected from everything around you, it is a sign that you are experiencing great discomfort. Try talking to a therapist or trusted friend, this could help you get to the root of these problems.

Finally, when you feel the slightest negative change in your well-being, stop and relax, take your time, exhale and start healing your wounds. Remember, you can overcome anything that life gives you, you just need to help yourself first.

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