Facebook Is Evil (Here's Why)


So... I'm going to write this out because there are way too many of you out there. Facebook is inherently going to lead you astray from any and all points of actual growth, understanding, and interaction. I have been browsing the internet and realizing this as I do a incy wincy bit of research. As I begin to dive into this I will begin there.

Reasons People Claim to use Facebook

1 -People gets on facebook to meet/chat with their old friends and acquaintances.

Is this actually true? Or have you become just a watcher? You watch what others are doing that you used to associate with. You're not actually in touch but more so just a visitor to their lives. As with all things not everyone fits the broad generalizations, but this is in fact the truth. A lot just hang around on Facebook to validate their small minds with correcting of other individuals. The really strange part to me, is some of you openly associate with registered "Sexual Offenders", others that have abandoned their children, and some having purposefully done wrong by you. Yet you still remain "fans" of these people watching their daily lives, communicating with people IRL about these people. You don't not like these people, YOU ARE THEIR FANS!!! There are those that use it as intended, but its merely a networking tool for businesses to gain your information and money. If you're using it for any other purpose, it's fruitless.

2 It’s for social attention only. It doesn’t make you productive.

This right here is the absolute truth. It has been tested and is purposefully dragging your mind through filth to dumb you down. The greatest part of this populace is lost in the social media vacuum. Those that you do become enamored with are those that are actually out there being productive. They are growing out of the site of every intrusive public image spectrum. Social media can help, but for the normal individual, it does nothing. Social media feeds you what it thinks your mind wants. Social media doesn't want you to sit your device down, it is trying to keep you plugged in all day, all night, and use you as a resource. I can not understand how there are limitless options at your fingertips for social media that actually pay you to use the services but the industry has them so programmed and so tied to "This being the best service". There are services like Minds.com, Hive.blog, Odysee, Emanate...I don't like to say but Steemit is even better than the giants of social media. These things allow you to do and create while giving back to you, beings your the individuals powering the matrix.

3 Fake Profiles/Foreign Profiles Spamming

I don't have a lot on this one, this is justice for me. I watch the herds share and repost obviously fictitious posts on FB about missing children, serial killers, prizes people can win, and these f**king dummies eat it up. I have nothing against those in other countries (I'm an American for those that are reading this elsewhere). These people are playing on your "zombie-like" attention span of not thinking to increase their algorithm on social media so the next thing they post will show up on your "stream of posts". First thing I seriously doubt "Ziergulu Mahadtim"(I made that up) is from Arkansas... just by default. The fear and ignorance of people, in general, give power to fake and harmful news. I do enjoy when someone uses the same tactics to increase their business traffic and overall ROI, I'm not a hater of intellect, I do however despise ignorance. Don't continue to be ridiculous after reading this.

4 Unrealistic Reality

This one is the most interesting. This is for those closet racist, homophobes, ignorant, hateful, spiteful, and outright nasty folks amongst the masses of you. It actually could be the masses of you. You folks are the problem. You have been removed from all sense of accountability with the way you interact with society. You assume that you are protected by the 1st amendment in some cases. The 1st Amendment is an American standard does not apply to a privately owned company, also doesn't stop negative consequences for you saying whatever you want. Those same individuals assume that people will not seek them out in physical retribution for words that are said. To think humans won't go to extremes for how they feel...remember wars were started over Vaginas(they're abundant). We will definitely as a species do some sick things when are feelings and our validity is brought into question. The screen does not save you, your words have weight. You can express how you fell respectfully. If the person you're attempting to communicate with isn't interested in civil discourse all you're doing is poking a bear with no intent on conveying a message. I don't claim your better than the next man/woman, but not everything deserves your energy and they're definitely things that are beneath you in so many ways.

5 Its addictive

I can easily see the nature of its addictiveness. It gives us everything we crave in an unnatural way. The connections, the "knowledge", and the ego boost, are meaningful to other humans. None of it is actually real. You can not quantify the degree of fiction that you are intaking as factual information on these platforms daily. These are the things we seek to be justified as humans. We want to know. We want to know that we're better than someone else. We want to know that the people we "don't like" are doing bad. You are bombarded with all of this to intake, so when you step away you feel the vacuum. If you relate to these, just take a break, try and decentralized social media company. Try one that doesn't shove ads down your throat. They're mostly all businesses and after profits and not "For The People" at all.