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When I looked into coins related to cannabis I came across several being WeedCash my favorite because It was linked to STEEM.

WeedCash is a social currency for cannabis enthusiasts. First token to have SCOTbot enabled with a new front end, so you can earn WEED by posting and voting when you have WEED staked!
Website: https://www.weedcash.network/
can be negotiated at https://steem-engine.com/

The other most important are:

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Do not consider it as an investment indication but I put all the WEEDs received into Stake.

Quando pesquisei sobre moedas relacionadas com cannabis me deparei com várias sendo a minha preferida por estar ligada ao STEEM

WeedCash é uma moeda social para os entusiastas da cannabis. Primeiro token a ter o SCOTbot ativado com um novo front end, para que você possa ganhar o WEED postando e votando quando tiver o WEED staked!
Site: https://www.weedcash.network/
pode ser negociada no https://steem-engine.com/

As outras mais importantes são:

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Não considere isso como uma indicação de investimento, mas eu coloquei todas as WEED recebidas no Stake.

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