Testing the new XP Supercharge feature in HashKings


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Hello everyone,

I'm back with news about the upgrades I'm doing with my avatars. The last time I tested the merge feature with my common avatars and it worked quite well. Jeff ended up with some good stats. You can read all about it on this post.

This time I tested the XP Supercharge feature to grow my avatar XP and increase its level.


There are two ways to improve the avatar stats and make it stronger for raids and also to receive some advantages in the game. One is to grow the avatar Base Power and Raid Power, which can be done via the Merge or the Forge feature. The other one is to increase the avatar XP. This can be achieved by purchasing the XP Supercharge at the XP store. We just put the amount of XP we want to buy and then select the payment method. There are 2 options of payment, we can pay the equivalent in dollars with any of the accepted tokens using Hive Pay or we can pay using EXP, a special token made for the purchase of XP. The price paid in EXP is 1 to 1, for example, to purchase 300 XP the price will be 300 EXP. Since I had received some EXP recently as prize for being in the winning team of the Super Raids, I decided to use this method of payment.

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The avatar I chose to use the XP Supercharge on was Fuego. This is one of my Epic avatars that I won on a giveaway in one of the Pizza Discord events. If you are not on Pizza Discord yet, you can join here. We have weekly events where the community play games together and we also host a variety of giveaways.

I had already leveled up Fuego some time ago, so we are not starting from level 0.
Before this update Fuego was on level 3. As you can see on the table below, not only the XP and Level got a sizeable upgrade, but also the Raid Power had a nice increase.

fuego xp.png

With this upgrade Fuego is now my most powerful avatar. I will continue to work on the other avatars until I get to the point to make a big forge and create the powerful avatar that I want. I still have a long way to go, but will keep making the upgrades on my pace and some day I will reach a good level with my avatars.



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