This years Medicinal Cannabis grow - IM IN FUC*ING MEXICO NOW!

As always the amount of cannabis I need to have in supply is paramount, but this time I have been living in houses since 6 months (wtf) and haven't had any time really or a lamp to start off any seeds. Well of course I experiment hahah.. but they died when I went away and forgot to ask for them to get watered. But anyway they did grow but with 12 hour light they flowered..
A great way though to test seeds to see if they are male or female before they even get 4 inches tall in Febuary.

This is the first time I have lived through winter, with no actual winter happening and that is a really weird thing to get used too.

close up gg.jpg

No double-figured minus Celsius and no snow, just constant sun.


close gg 2.jpg

By the way this lil cheeky Gorilla Glue Above had nothing to do with me, it was someone else hahaha.. it grew in the clay soil amazingly so its a strong seed for sure.

When I first came to Mexico and heard weed was much cheaper than in Europe, I was well exited! But then when I realised that even the good weed can have up to 40% seeds in it, by the size of an Oz. Its impossible to have wet weed is my guess unless you want it too mold, so I get it why growers who sell in bulk want seeds in their, because they get paid by weight. You can pay up to 100 usd for an oz but somewhow, I guess as its bone try all the time, it seems to just last not so long as some nice fresh cured buds.

Anyway, cut the jibberish short, I still do need to grow weed here to be able to afford to smoke as much as normal.

This is a land pirates seed bank!


weed2 seeds 2.jpg
inventive ways on how to store different seeds with not much space.. all these types in one small tube thingy. Write the name on a rizla or a ZigZag and use it to wrap seeds in!

AG is Acapulco Gold & I finally got to get Blue dream for the first time and I love it.

ag bg.jpg

I did plant some ages ago but it wasn't the right soil, so it was only today that I got enough soil to correct everything!

Bit boring photos because there's been no action, an AG has cracked, I noticed when I repotted. So, without final adue, the strains I have are..

  • Wedding Cake
  • "Mad Sat" A really strong sativa
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Blue Dream
  • Acapulco Gold
  • Pineapple Kush

Dam, whist writing this I realise that I never saved any Skywalker seeds!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!

Well, just a short one from me!

.. Nothing to see here officer!

seeds 2022.jpg

Big Love!



Right on! I imagine there is good stuff there, but just way more shitty weed is available. You need to go to the mountains of Sinaloa, or Oaxaca to find the better stuff.


Wedding cake should be bomb. I love wedding cake.