Mid 2019, Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu, the governor of Ondo State proposed that the state may investigate cannabis development for therapeutic purposes in its journey to make business and incite development. Expectedly, the idea created public commotion because of the reputation and habit-forming propensities of the substance. Presently, the planting, collecting, and utilization of cannabis (prevalently known as Indian Hemp) as per the Dangerous Drugs Act (DDA), 1935 and Indian Hemp Act (IHA), 1966 isn't permitted in Nigeria. The boycott exists regardless of the developing business significance of cannabis all around the world. Promotion for the public authority to permit the developing of the plant for therapeutic and business designs is developing continuously.

Regardless of the presence of the prohibition on cannabis notwithstanding, Nigeria keeps on being one of the significant customers of the item universally as per media reports. A report in the Telegraph tracked down that the nation positioned third on the planet as far as quantities of individuals who devour it. Most development of the plant is accounted for to occur in the provinces of Edo, Ekiti, Delta, Ondo, Osun, Ogun and Oyo where the heat and humidity assists the plant with flourishing.

The plant's financial potential can't be ignored. As per a new delivery from Bloomberg, by applying the plant for sporting and clinical purposes, the market would be worth US$90.4bn by 2026. Aside from its restorative properties, the plant can likewise be utilized for making texture, rope and paper which can be a significant wellspring of unfamiliar trade for the nation and furthermore set out business open doors.

We recognize the worries of numerous Nigerians around authorizing the plant thinking about the potential for misuse and the powerlessness of the law authorization offices to adequately control its utilization given the far and wide defilement in numerous foundations. Likewise, the nation has a developing populace of jobless adolescents who commonly tend towards substance misuse. All things considered, we can't neglect the financial potential the medication holds for the Nigerian rural area. The development and commercialization of the plant might conceivably produce truly necessary unfamiliar trade income, set out work open doors and contribute essentially to the development of the economy.


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