Master of Puppets


Hi everybody! I was in a mood of listening to something more vivid and Metallica crossed my head with its ''Master of Puppets''.

Even though this song refers to addiction and more specifically to drugs, I think it could apply to much more things.

When I think about a Master of puppets I am thinking of a person who is very full of himself/ herself believing he/ she controls the others whereas those people are totally against that system but just (have to) conform with it - something like a rigid corporation, a bad school system, or simply people abusing of others for their personal needs.

Some people might not consciously rely on the fact that they are the puppet of someone/ something and that seems to be even worst. By knowing where you stand, you can (try to) make a change at least.

The ''Master of Puppets'' song also sounds to me like a necessary need to get out of this kind of slavery and fuck up that killing master. So, who is your master? Is there anyone completely his own master? Do you (secretly) think of killing your links with your master, did you make plans about it or already acted upon it?

We all might pass through difficult situations in life and why not stopping in time from destroying ourselves and maybe who knows...we can truly add meaning or happiness to other's being life.

Best thoughts!