Contest Day three different strain... Loud


This fresh day, we begun and continue to do that daily contest in which we got involved in and we gotta keep puffing... Weed is the real deal, we gotta keep our prescription... Not knowing when depression might decide to step in and then we hear some suicidal stuff. I don't wanna read about that in the papers or news.. Psychology proves that weed takers tend to know how to manage their pain and emotions under the weed...

Puffing all day, we rolling 30g daily... Who else got prescription like this.. Thus I know some guys that do a 45g daily with pills and some fucked up stuff. You could get to cloud 9 about three times the normal under the voltage...


Never stop is just the motivation.. Cannabis is very essential and should never be underated by any social or community standards. This is what I believe in.. We can share our real story on $hive and $weedcash is amazing.

Today strain is the LOUD. I can bet we all blow some loud.. Loud is very loud... Chill on this...