sending my weed to a lab


Here I am again with a post and today we look at the bo berry and the lemon carver and what is very interesting is that the lemon really smells and tastes like strawberries. Well, a while ago I filled out a questionnaire on the internet about cannabis and its use and whether you were reimbursed by the insurance. And at the end of that questionnaire they asked if I wanted to send my weed for a small fee. so that they will test in a lab. trimbos institute is a sireus lab. But my weed is also of world class. Thanks to Bif's genetics
So today I received an email that they are also curious about my weed. I will receive a letter with packaging material to send back. And that is legal because the trimbos has an exemption for the transport of cannabis. all in the name of science. And I like to contribute to that.
I would like to know exactly what is in my weed. my weed is much softer than what you can buy. super strong without chemical junk. Made with love patience and good genetics. Would be so nice if this would open doors. In the legalization of home cultivation. Or that I can grow big for the state would also be a dream. But don't see that happening anytime soon.
In the photos you can see the lemon carver that tastes like a strawberry milkshake. Really nice weed unfortunately there is a hair in the photos. That's what you get when you have cats. luckily it didn't get into my joint.

Other than that I'm doing reasonably well I have a lot of problems with my nerve in my leg. I'm getting physiotherapy at the end of the week. And try to pay attention to my posture. and also rest. It's difficult sometimes. But my problems are nothing compared to that earthquake😥 and also the war in ukraine.😥🙄

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image (2) - kopie.png

image (1).png
I will wait for the trimbos institute and keep you informed with the information I receive from them. all for the science of cannabis. Thanks friends for coming to read my blog. stay awesome and see you next post.


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Well, that is tremendously good news, Congrats!