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I asked Al why cannabis should be legal this was the answer😋

Medical marijuana is a drug used to treat numerous diseases. Other uses of marijuana include creating sensory perception and recreation. In some countries, marijuana is banned and criminals are protected from prosecution by consuming marijuana. This is outrageous; marijuana should be made legal so that anyone can use it for healthy reasons without fear of prosecution.

Marijuana has numerous medical benefits. It is used to treat glaucoma, tumors, MS and many other diseases. It is also used as a medicine to anesthetize patients before surgery or to prevent nausea during chemotherapy. In addition, it is used as a substitute for traditional medicine to relieve pain and reduce stress in many other conditions. In addition, recreational use of marijuana prevents people from resorting to more dangerous drugs. Criminalizing this useful drug only pushes it further into the hands of the wrong crowd.

Legalization also enables quality control. Control measures ensure safety and quality standards for the production of medical marijuana. This provides protection against counterfeiting and ensures that high quality products are available to consumers. It is also easy to identify potential manufacturers of dangerous drugs such as heroin or methamphetamines. If those companies produce contaminated goods, unsuspecting consumers will get sick, but the criminal producers will face repercussions for putting people at risk. In contrast, legal producers can produce whatever they want without anyone getting the wiser. In addition, criminalizing marijuana creates social ills such as underage use, racial tolerance and social outcasts. Criminalization sends a signal that these individuals are dangerous and should be avoided by society as a whole - without any form of self-preservation. Legalization gives minors access to a non-addictive product they can use responsibly and protects young adults from being shamed into lifelong abstinence by the government. It also protects races from discrimination by giving them an age-appropriate hobby.

So there are many reasons why cannabis should become legal. It can be used medicinally and recreationally without negative side effects. Quality control measures also enable this in a responsible manner that protects both consumers and legitimate businesses. In addition, criminalizing cannabis creates social ills that we want to avoid in our society. So legalizing it would be a big step towards equality for all walks of life.

I wrote the rest of the post myself. I wish I could think of so many and fast. but I can use it for inspiration. It also feels like cheating. luckily I usually blog with photos that I also take myself. And where I also put some work into.


The 2x Bo Berry And 1x Lemoncarver

Just adjust the light and flash on my phone
These are beautiful pictures if I do say so myself. The soil I use really works wonders. Bio Bizz and it contains peat and everything is organic. I rarely add nutrients. A few drops of green sensation. And for me that works perfectly
Now wait for the buds to thicken. those thc crystals look so good

image (1).png


image (2).png


that was it for today. thank you for coming to take a look. all the best and until the next post.


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Well said and damn those fowers look tasty!


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