A Grand Interdimensional Adventure in the Park Pt. 4


The world that we perceive around us is frozen. I'm not just talking about the cold and snow. I'm talking about the subjective experience of reality- the faces, the objects, forms, and the myriad relationships between them. Once when we were young and the world was new, the lenses of perception were crystal clear and sharp, but as time passed, they dulled and grew blurry.

Once in a while, we come across a scene that jolts us back into recognition and renewal of that childhood wonder we once knew. The ethereal brightness of colors return. The thrill of form beats in our hearts. Again, the world is new.

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Most well-adjusted adults will stop at this point, admire the tree and move on. But when you (responsibly) alter your mind with botanicals, the wonder doesn't stop there. Now your brain wants more information. So you get a little closer and examine the details, though you may seem like an odd bird to passersby. Zoom in. The play of light and shadow creates novel forms inside your consciousness. Things that were not there before you turned on. Now it's time to tune in and observe. Gather data. Ponder. Assess. Let the stream of experience flow through cleansed lenses. The yoga of attention, updated by the fire lit within the all-seeing eye.


Why are the berries still up on the tree? Why didn't the birds eat them? When will they fall? Who planted this tree? What was the impetus? How long will it live? How much water does it need? How is it affected by salt? And so on. The lively mind racing in the track of altered perception. Imagine that! A berry tree at the edge of one of the farthest points westward on the continental landmass of the Americas. Spin along little bird. Woe, far out. Look up a little closer. Get in there and examine closely. Touch if you can reach, feel it with all your senses.


Fractals in nature. Iterations at multiple scales. Seductive invitation to play. Your pupils dilate in wanton openness to receive. Solar arrays searching for patterns. Photonic caresses on the retinal rods and cones. Then the blissful release of rhodopsin down cellular visual pathways, where the code is run along the cannabinoid stream and renders a novel form in the cortex.