Gelato 33 & 45 Grow - Week 5

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Happy Sunday All,

Tomorrow is end of week 5 and the ladies are looking purple.. It's night time in the tent let's take a peak.

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The Gelato 33's are turning purple and I am loving it.

The buds on tje 33's are much larger than the 45's and it is much taller. I am definitely liking this strain. Grows fast and strong.

Gelato 45

The Gelato hast not changed much in color, but the colas are stacking, also this week I could smell the sweet aromas of gassy The combos of smell these plants produce are amazing.

The Jungle Boys are tall with skinny packed colas. My first go at the Jungle Boys LA KushCake, I got small plants, different story this time.

The LA Kush Cake is fire, I got my last batch tast better everyday. Drying and curring went well last time eventhough I didn't flush the Jungle Boys at all. I don't think I am going to flush this grow. Just water only for the last few days.

Thanks and enjoy the rest of your day.

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