That Irish Good Bye

Some come and some go.
The Ladies in the garden have been moved once again, but's that's because the Garden itself moved.
I call it 25' to the left.
Some made it thru and some didn't. Some are fighting to live.
Then again that's on me for trusting equiptment again.
Not that there is anything wrong with that. Those things are supposed to help, not be relied on. pHucking solution turned on me. Right about the time it seems ambient temps around us changed.
Perfect for making the temps of the water and just breed bacteria to make sure the water is completely hazy. When that happens it's best to flush and clean, without hesitation. That being said, I did not do that right away. I missed it for a whole day plus, so being on the Blumat system that was a day too long. The plus was too long.
How about that, a non mechanical watering system marketed to not screw you. Well maybe you, gets me every single time. Every time. I simply have to circulate the water thru a cooling source to make sure there is actually no chance of bacteria propagation. One day. Until then it's back to the Monitor when using and manual mix, and maintain. SHIT. Just when I had thought I had won a portion of my time back it gets recalled. OH well.
👇 Check that out.
Look a little familiar? ☝️ Meh, maybe not, no worries. For me it's the purple on the leaf stem, strong sign that the Baller King is showing thru. This is actually Banana Godz OG x Baller King OG. I had popped 4 and 2 managed thru, this little one was let into flower and the other is now being trained and should serve as a nice mother. Both plants were very vigorous in growth and is stacking very tightly, only on week 3 moving into 4 of flower, long skinny pistol hairs are starting to develop, very promising.
This is the Banana Godz OG that was the mother from the last round. Hold on lets re-phrase that or maybe help me nail something down here so that I am using the proper. This is a cut I took, off a cut I was given that was from a cut of a cut of a cut. No more that's the right amount of "cuts". I no longer have this cut in veg so no "mother" but like I was getting to I'm working with the sister to the progeny pictured above and below for comparison. I guess.
Very dense, and has shorter pistol hairs by far in contrast to the offspring but let's me know that I'm swinging in the correct direction.
That is all on the left side of the house now, speaker and weather station in middle there. Otherwise what good am I as a tender. Meh.
Anyhow the Lemon squash there in the back are still going still getting tennis ball size fruits, beans are coming along nice as well. Peppers and some potatoes and the Pine berry has turned out to be fairly invasive so that's nice. Cutting flowers are doing even better than I had hoped.
Learn fast or they die. That's the lesson I've learned with plant life of any kind, shape, or setting. All of any of them are products of their environments, some just die faster than others.
Eskimo Pussy is ready for the chop actually this evening after I publish here, that and evening chores is what's up. Some things are turning my way kinda.
The Slurricane. Looking nice but I definately need to work on the flower execution of the flower cycle, with this particular strain.
Try and try again right?
Gomphrina Glombosa such a beautiful flower hard to see though. The flower is actually the little yellow one inside the purple spiral. Turning our to be one of my favorite cutting flowers.
The Craig's Grande Jalapeno is coming in. There's a few peppers here and there but something is better than nothing, way better than a kick in bells.
I've not started any Ball-peppers but we do have a Habba-nada, that's habanero with no heat an all the sweet, we shall see.
👇 So this here is another cutting flower, Varagated Cockscomb. These are in quite the variety just in the same seed pouch, that is a yellow with dashes of the red all in the same flower. pHantastic. The Tornado Red Amish Cockscomb is by far larger and brighter but not as interesting in the way of variety, makes wonder why is associated with "Amish"?
The barrel of Death seems to have been most damaging the further away from it you were, if you were a plant that is. My guess, the water had more opportunity to sit in the line longer gather more heat and allow more bacteria to propagate and completely wreck the micro-biome that is in the pot/bag. That and well dosage has soooooooooooooooooo much to do with it. Not but 3 days ago, when I finally caught the problem that burnt out Jack Herer is presenting along with a runaway Blumat carrot. Hurt's losing that one.
There is that Swan OG still kicking actually she is doing exceptionally well. Leaves in the praying position. She did get a gnarly burn as well but being not as far a long in flower and not as sensitive yet it just pHryed fan leaves. Being that there is still time left I think we can still pull it through.
Better shot of the "mom" Banana Godz OG and the pistol profile in comparison to the new cross.
pHeww looks hot.
Those two fuzzy tops right there are the Blackcherry Cheesecake x 5 Guys. Very impressive, I regret not breaking more of these off. pHantastic fruity flavor with a nice hashy finish on the the nose test, looking forward to see how the "creamy" comes thru if at all on the cake side in the smoke. Promising.
Nother shot of the Slurricane.

Tornado Red Amish Cockscomb.
This is the Green Lime Zinnia
Looking from the doorway as you steep in. This is one of the better sight's available to me so far on this ride. Hopefully we can build better ones.
Little bit of the Cosmos as well those are Runinatos if looking for an identifier.
Last little look down the burn ward before we take off here.
Things are looking good, but as always there is room for improvement of course.
Not so much for those Irish Goodbyes myself. I don't have those friends anymore, not that I myself rid myself of them, for the most part they have either been taken or taken themselves out of the party all together. The Party we call Life. I miss, and wish for more time with those everyday and have even less to lean on these days. Days seem to drag, still thankful for the time we had and the lesson imparted to me weather or not we knew that's what was happening.
Losing my Grandfather recently and 4 friends to shitty drugs and or alcohol, and well of course disease the ever persistent killer. Dealing with being the ones that persist is what a grieavence is all about, some do well some don't. Survivors Syndrome it could be likened to.
I fell into work, an not any work that anyone of the now I call "observers" would have hoped. Botany and Horticulture is and has always be the interest of my life, young or present. Coming back into the fold will be difficult and trying but all together worth it both for exposure and for my brain, writing can be therapeutic for those that find it so.
Next time I will be sure to let everyone know before the mental break happens and I shut down again. The foot has been on the gas here in the real world and still being documented just not shared in a timely manner like I should've been. Apologies. Stress is a MotherpHucker.
That being said the starter rack is nearly full with starters of the next round of flowers and winter greens. The shop will show in 3-4 weeks set up out there by the road side. Probably just one controlled greenhouse and then whatever can winter over will be just on the yards, you know like a tree nursery.
Being that is what we are.💥 Gildart Gardens, opening soon.💥
Trees, Flowers, Food and Most of your soil needs.
Mailing live plants is a nut I have yet to crack but Beauty does have a Facebook page up, in all reality this is going to be the most informational way to find out what we are doing, but we will do our best to keep both up.
Thank you all that started to follow whilst I was gone, and of course the OG's
and thank you ALL for stopping in.

Knottydaddy, Tied Off.


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That's a beautiful sight to see. I can't wait to see the result.


A new lady goes in the chop shop every few days now. Hoping for a nice cure cycle. Thank you for the follow an stopping in.


Hey bro! Been wondering about you. Glad to see you writing here again, and if it will be another while before you head off, trying again is always what you do. At least when it comes to growing. I bet its hot as fuck down there, its in the 80s here on the coast and where dying, haha

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Thanks for stopping in an checking on the blog spot from time to time. Finally getting to the 80's here is the cool down part been running in the high 90's. No wet wall, an your cooked.
Getting ready for winter to blow in so getting those parts together before people start putting a premium on those now.


Garden is looking fantastic


Thank you. It's always a work in progress. This seems to be winding down.
Looking forward to that big bag you started.
Thanks for stopping in.