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Not much is known about Cowtaracts but I'm sure that cannabis can help those affected, much like Human kind has.
I'm sure they would just eat it away in veg and they would probably never deal with the flower to get the trip but who knows how a Cow might evolve if they were all opposable thumb, monkey style.
Speaking of monkeying around with the pot an all, this is Banana Godz x Baller. Not the original from seed, but it's a first gen clone, close enough. This particular cut has been in this pot for 4 weeks. It is May 5th, at the time of the photo session. I have not had this loaded up for that long, worked on this over the weekend-ish.
More of a display mode here, but here's the tops, guess I should've taken a few side shoots so you could get a better view of the "Wind Swept" grow I'm going for. Next time I'll have a better display mode for you.
Not the typical door but it does the job. Rolls real nice, I'll have to get the little holes all sealed one day but for now it does what I need and it was the right price.
Could be me and the photography but some pictures just miss the mark. I'm sure you can smell the soil, if you close your eyes an imagine. These are not the Roots Organic with the fancy liner, that's the tan bags. The black fabric ones usually get the plastic wrap around the all of it. I know the point is that it helps with the root prune and the breathing of the soil, but in this garden, in this arid environment that surrounds this little paradise, we try an trap as much moisture as possible. We do what we can to keep the arid out and humid in but at this stage, I'll spray them on the outside for a while till I get some wrap on them.
Not soo much in the way of rows here in this "Croods" house, but they are all labeled so that'll help later on when I go to describe them or someone asks. They are all looking so nice and green, well not alllll the way thru, nothings perfect, a few yellowing here and there, but overall looking good.
I have noticed that in the last flower cycle an veg cycle that since adding ferments and other assorted KNF, DIY liquids that everything has been much easier and prettier.
Easier because I know my enemies well now and their weaknesses. Better judgement of water content, and environment needs, make pest pressure almost 0. Here and there but they don't last long these days.
This and the others are being feed with a FPJ comprised of the the squash, zucchinis and gourd I had planted in the big house. That patch grew unruly and I happened to run into a pollinating and an ant problem.
What do ya know, I pulled all that out chopped it up and threw in the buckets and watched the bubbles and mother nature do here thing. Bubble meaning fermenting bubbler. I will mention that along with the greens I gathered a lot of the natural weeds around that were green and good to go along with a good bunch bamboo.
Got real bright round 9 am, they are light dep so that's when I yank the cover on these flowers here. Results vary, on the FPJs and FFJs, from very good to great.
That has got to be a good sign.
The person testing it for me is pretty happy, but it is a potent way to deliver micro nutrients and can burn leaves if mixed a little too hot. I have not run a tea in quite awhile, a year at least. Living soil and the ferments seem to be a better combination for myself. I don't have a quality microscope so I wouldn't have any confidence in the content of any of my past teas or currents, if I was to try again. Ferments are a little easier, the pH drops sharply when they are ready, no guessing there.
Like I was going on about not all leaves are green, an like most that realized that the aging process is actually taking hold, droopy.
Beauty and the beholder right?
This is the same as pictured previous but now entering week 2 of flower, and not in display mode, but grow mode.
More of Flower mode but you get it. That messed up looking lady there is Sundae Driver with a bit of nebari and low stress training to the max.
The clay pot is Banana Godz x Baller, an as well as the tan fabric one as well. The same bag has Blue Lime Petrol x 2. Those were both amended today they have been running along time with little to only the help that was sowed in, initially
This will be the first time running the Blue Lime Petrol, third time on the Banana Godz. This is the the second run on the POM 5 x Baller, pictured above with the grezzy looking hairs there. Had a great fade on it and also a really nice fruity stench. She's gonna be around for a while. Washed pretty well to.
Right now I'm not taking advantage of the overhead space built into this little unit I slapped together here, but soon. It's the "Hillbilly Hut".
I had a shipping pallet that was not being used to any potential, well there it is. Seen in the previous photos you might have picked up on the swamp cooler that I had cut in, that paired with a lower placed circulation fan to draw the air further thru the space and closer to the bottom of the pots. Don't mind that barrel it to soon will be used to some sort of potential, it's got lots I'm sure. This hut is running off of 20 amps and one surge strip. It has a temp controller and a Humidity controller as well, next up will be a Co2 controller. I use the InkBird, probably gonna do the same for the Co2. I jus plan moving the air out of my ferment buckets into the space no fancy bottle thing yet, that sounds like money blowing out a tube. At an appropriate rate, don't want to over do it.

Thanks for stopping in.

KnottyDaddy, Tied Off


Kudos for your article, photos and garden!
I felt inspired! ;)


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Yo! Good to see you bro. Your posts are always MOOatavatiinal, and very MOOving!



Moocho appreciated Brother. Thanks for the share an stopping in to say, Hi.
I've been working an just like front loading super soil, once it's sowed an gets going, life gets a little easier.
Plus its not spring for a little breathing room.


hahaha it is looks like a mini jungle with a bonsai