Don't Forget The Grandpas

Ah the pretty light's. Been having a fight with the length of time in light. I'm surrounded by mountains, Sunrise may be 5 whatever but it's not till 6 something that the light actually washes down thru my section of the valley.
Eeeeeassssst Siiiide!!!
That's what side of the tracks we're on, road tracks that is. We'd be Weeeest Siiiiiide if you use Train tracks as your reference.
Anyways twinkly light's right. Found these at the shop not too long back, did a bit of research, and it's cheaper to get'em like this then it is to buy the lamps to replace in your existing, string light porch setup. These are, I'm pretty sure, only going to end up being good for veg turns on account of the limited to 0 red led present. No worries got that big orange thing that shows up every day, so far that is.
That Hash King's game looked real cool. I'm gonna try an play along here in the real if everyone don't mind.
Hit a completely different shop earlier in the week. Happened to be a Pipe shop, not that one. Osborne pipe and Supply, if your in a tight spot an need things to move water around your property they got what you need, and the prices are commercial, perfect. That being said that new Big Green tank there is 3kgal and out the door for $2800. Tractor supply wanted $2900 before taxes. Someone told those pHuckers we got a drought on, and they of course are acting accordingly, to a typical American company.
"Hot outside and no water, our Ac and water tanks just jumped 15% in cost, how did that happen?"
OH well, No worries. got their number now.
Pressure and need, drive innovation and problem solving.
Not everyone is as resourceful, or imaginative. They should add Experience to that, maybe 80 yr politicians will stop telling the 20 yr old sandwich makers to just pull up their "boot straps". Crazy. Moving right along here.
Got the toker, the alcohol, and the cup so we got to it in the evening time. These cuts came from the flip tents, 1 of each is for myself, for preservation purpose, but the rest are going out.
Folks who do business get all cranky an shitty when there's left over stock, we just end up with more compost material. Meaning "Murphy's Law" if it can go wrong it will. My portion of Murphy's Law is disproportioned most the time, might be why I prefer my back to a wall or not being in crowded places. I generally walk around waiting for the other boot to drop. Toker helps to keep that feeling down, the CBD crosses work the best, all the good ones have some THC in them, so I'll take two please.
All together I have somewhere around 60+ cut's in all. Multiples of each pheno, I use those SOLO cups for all sorts of things. Seems like overkill, I did have one incubator full last week but someone need to fix there season, had a bad start. Happens to me all the time, I've built enough of a stock. We'll be ok here, I'm more concerned for a the false start, hope they have a good season. They've got the cuts to do it now. This is the second time I've had to go off property to trouble shoot a garden, it's slow. By slow I mean my hand as a consult. Have one customer hopefully the word gets out, although that means I leave my garden more often. Ah the balance. No worries.
I'm not such a Hermit that I don't never leave, but close enough. Got this nifty little rolling rack at The CostCo, same place I get the tube socks for under my sandals. Hard to take off when there is soooo much to do, and I prefer the company I've cultivated around me.
For instance the #5gallonchallenge below, Slymer x Wilson x 5G is stacking ever so nicely. Sweet Melony stench filling the shoppe lately.
This lady however is also mixing it up in the stench department, that hashy cringe that she put's off reminds me of why I've kept such a sensitive cultivar around. Just soo picky though.
That Wedding Cake x 5G is coming all sparkly. Yeah it's stacking trichomes like I could've never expected. Heard lot's about this particular cross, Wedding Cake, maybe smoked an 1/8th in my time. So this should be a nice treat. 👇
This is the Thin Mintz cultivar that I had run across in a jar after my one of my visit's to the "Farmers Market". That jar had tons of keif in it when all was said an smoked. Wondering on the cross in this flower now, I can only hope that it was a missed herm in their field. Would make sense found 1 male out of 6 beans.
Same spot different side.
Green tags and Red tags all over. Green one tells me who it is and the Red one's tell me which Branch/Node I have pollenated, and with what. I have 4 gentlemen now and 3 have been dropping pollen at a pHantastic rate.
First, and so far, Colorado Crush has been killin' it. Then my Wedding Cake #1. He has tight gathering pollen sacks that drop lots as well, the Slymer gent has just started to open. Still stacking away on the Eskimo Pussy male. That being said there are more than 1 red tag on each lady, that had been in the correct pistol frame to accept pollen, and low enough to not notice the missing node on the scale. I'm not really one for just a wide open hit the hole plant. No need for that many seeds, also I'm not sure what comes from here is exactly. What I'm looking for?
I suspect it will take a few generations to square away the line I'm hoping for.
The Slurricane has taken nicely to the "SuperCrop" style, everything past the break is at least doubled in size compared to the nodes below. Just bend it though don't break it off, just over. If you do break it off, no worries get your cup o water and take the cut if you ever feel that bad.
Think I had a slip this week, little toooo much "P" for their first round since the flip to flower. I didn't take into account their time in flower, the older flowers took that shit like you saw. My Bad. Top Dress is hard sometimes but thankfully soil is forgiving and I'm working in small batchs so adjustments are easy to notice an compensate.
#ProofOfArt and progress. I'm sure that's not a tag, well I put a # in front so it is now.
The tray and art I was tasked with. It's a Rick an Morty tray. That's a great adult "get lost an not know exactly what it's all about" cartoon to watch. Art work is fair to exceptional depending on your varied opinions of art.
Art is perspective and opinion, how it's interpreted is all case by case.
Used all paint's pictured and the Sticker is a custom I drew and printed up. Obviously it's not original artwork found and off image in the show that I figured there would be very few of and made it a sticker.
Go juice maker and a nearly finished piece. That lady is gonna like rolling here joints on this shit. Hopefully. Needs the finished seal coat an ready to hit the post. Almost. I'm terrible with the post. I'll buy a book of stamps that might make it easier.
It's here again comes every year.
Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers out there that made the bumpy wondering scroll thru. Thanks for stopping in and making it to the bottom. I know your time is precious and finite, not just in all your projects but the time you get to spend with your families. The time spent by demonic children that destroy the house an yard daily for you and your counterpart to put back together in the evening, is the point. The work an the money are the tools to make that more enjoyable and comfortable. If your Job is not work than I tip my hat to you, great job it's taken a quite a long while to touch that experience my self.
Understanding the messy floor wrecked toys and scribbled coloring books, I mean the dark lines are already drawn for you COME ON!.
Letting that go to get to that goofy smile or hear those kids laugh at the most inane things are the best parts.
Everyone has to cut a few knot's to learn how to tie it right.

Thanks for Giving the Time.
Knottydaddy, Tied Off.


I pray for rain soon, especially for you all in that desert. Things are going to get rough. Anyway, enough doom and gloom...



Thank you.
Didn't mean to bring it down, just like to be real.
Hope you have a good one. Thanks for stopping in and sharing.


Rick and Morty awesome tray I have a Rick & Morty stash box


Love that show. I still have to catch the beginning of the new season.