A Day Late, Dug In, and Trimmed Down.

Been a minute as they say. I have been caught up in servicing my ladies and all their new room mates. I guess it's a bit of my foreshadow to the upgrade and remodel of an area that has to be stream lined and optimized for future seasons to come to properly produce as needed. Whew!!
It is both satisfying and disappointing, I know. The 6mill plastic down right now is to help keep the dust down, when I can get a hold of the correct material this weekish I will do so...
Anyhow yes she is thirsty been without their spikes for more than 24 hrs due to the work that is ever on going. The larger, easier to stretch out area is being arranged an fairly situated.
That sunrise though.
Honestly seeing another, sunrise that is, is always a good thing and in the company of these ladies, it has a magical smell and feel to it. Coffee an a Toke and on to the next mess to be squared away.
PXL_20210109_150928664.NIGHT 1.jpg
Just not watered enough, but to be fair it was my cactus area. This area was getting little water as it is Blue Agave that was stacking up here for the most part. Originally my intent was mescal/ Tequila moonshine. None to date but I'll keep you posted if anyone is interested. Co2 happens to be a byproduct of the alcohol making process, just doesn't produce as consistent and as long as a mushroom bag or a bokashi bucket, but kinda like finding out you can sell Diesel as well as Gasoline.
Moving along... BANG hole. Obviously hours later, and it is night time now in this photo but we made it down 18".
Following morning-ish, the hole is filled in with a good pile of branches and the saw dust from the wood pile that I use to heat the house, as well as leaf and kitchen waste. Then covered once again with a good fill of horse manure.
This process was done twice, because it had a 1.5'x 4'x 8' wood raised bed box placed on top of it and then we'll grow from there.
Here is the "trimmed" down part that doesn't seem so trimmed down. Just another area you filled up with more plant life, you say. Well yes, but I did have all this in a 4 x 8 grow tent that was placed on its side to make for more of a horizontal growth than vertical. Being that I work mainly with LED, and it is winter, close isn't too terrible, although I have no idea actually 🤷‍♂ I don't have a PAR meter to tell me otherwise. The ladies seemed happy so must've been ok.
Here's some better Trim for any who didn't see the new box as a trim down. Thai OG re-veg on the left and Monkey-Mintz there nice an bushed up on the right.
If you have stopped by recently or clicked thru my page then you member the 4x8.
Bang. OOOOH yes squeaky clean and still going. Some girls went to a different light stable and some stayed on the same stable but just a different ground and protective structure.
What a day that was. Moving day and trim and feed, it was a lot. The lengths we go to maybe get ahead or to help move the needle in the pursuit. On that particular day I figured if 4 hours of sleep for them is good then it should be for me right?
It worked out, a little rough but it works itself out. The new ladies that had moved in a few weeks ago were due for some top feed and a little trim and train session that was much needed. The lady there in the very back on the right, furthest from you in the picture there. That is Zen Dojo, has such a strange leaf that is forming but now that time is going by and she has grown soo much they are looking far more normal, whatever your definition of that is, have you seen the Freakshow strain? Awesome, hopefully I can find some of that one day, be a nice grow I'd imagine.

The work I did in the 4x8, change the feeder tubing I know its clear and probability of bacteria, but I plan on insulating it, main reason was for its flexibility. The 8mm hose provided by Blumat is pretty stiff and a pain in the ass to manage for me, I found this clear 8mm at the shop near me, nothing to prevent light penetration in this flexible hose style but I'll keep looking.
PXL_20210110_163633035 1.jpg
I know I kinda just glossed over the remodel of the 4x8 grow tent but I'll get back to it later, it has served its purpose and the biscuit wheels on this here train have out grown its carriage, time for a bigger gravy train. Like Jaws but with breakfast.
This massive cut here next to the greenhouse is 6'x4'x25' close enough for what I thought I had needed but it's gonna take another foot down to get what we are really looking for. What am I looking for you ask, Geothermal stability. So I'm gonna put a 4" pipe back an forth along the ditch cover it back up with inlet and exhaust up ports and then backfill. See the propane tank. Yeah FUCK that thing. Not only is it heavy I loathe having to pay to have it filled. Mostly because it is so often. I have been accused of being cheap, so there is that. This small, in real time experiment for myself an those around me can help to motivate to use the earth around use to help reduce our cost of living if possible, like I said this is an experiment, might fail in fantastic form or function, only time will tell. It should work, but to be noted the greenhouse should be over the duct but maybe I can split the load of two with the one duct system down the road. WE have done a considerable amount of work for two folks with 3 small kids running a muck inside a month.

I was super busy this week-ish, but my wife did manage to cast one of my works in resin, another door my fat ass foot has jammed its mouth in, Doors and Windows. Pictured is Bruce Lee OG, for obvious reasons. But also a fantastic smoke.
I do Have a blank available, customs open, and any of my previously featured works are available to be cast in the green and blue, or whatever color scheme you might be partial to.


Back to IT for me, thanks for stopping by.
Knottydaddy, Tied off.


Was that Shelby and a Christmas tree in the grow room?


Yes it certainly is. The tree is a blue spruce that's just staring to come back.