Stellar Cannacoin


Stellar cannacoin is a cryptocurrency which is built on the stellar/xlm blockchain and as at current it has only 5.2 billion total supply which is currently in circulation and this is a very great project and community. There are some basic necessary features that got my attention about the coin.

It is firstly built on an eco-friendly blochckain and as such is an eco-friendly coin and this gives the cannabis legal community both users and manufacturers a whole use case in the cannabis industry. It also uses only 0.00022 kilowatts-hours per transaction.

Transactions and payment are confirmed in 3-5 seconds, very swift, less transactions (gas fee) fee. This community is an active cryptocurrency community and it has foundation on very friendly and generous community. The potential utilities of this stellar cannacoin is very endless and it is a solution to the legal cannabis industries troubles with the "big banks". They also have an active community on Discord, Reddit and Twitter..

It is supported by stellar wallets like Lobstr and Interstellar. All you need to do is to download and use this invitation code Redeem my LOBSTR referral code to get bonus AQUA: XWSBNONAX to receive 1000 AQUA tokens freely. After downloading, all you need to do is to have at least 5 XLM and then you can successfully add a trust line. All questions would be answered. Drop any questions in the comments section.


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