Living High - Juan Ramirez - Keep Skating


Este post va dedicado para nuestro amigo Juan Ramírez el cual nos acompaño en la semana a grabar una sesión improvisada pero con muy buenos trucos que darán de que hablar en la comunidad skate hive.

This post is dedicated to our friend Juan Ramírez who accompanied us during the week to record an improvised session but with very good tricks that will give the skate hive community something to talk about.


Tuvimos la dicha de poder verlo patinar y al mismo tiempo motivarnos con su estilo bowlero loko que como siempre resalta en cada spot que patina.

We had the joy of being able to see him skate and at the same time motivate us with his crazy bowling style that, as always, stands out in every spot that he skates.

GX018856.00_00_02_48.Imagen fija001.jpg

GX018856.00_00_19_27.Imagen fija003.jpg

GX018856.00_00_31_32.Imagen fija004.jpg

GX018856.00_00_10_19.Imagen fija002.jpg

GX018856.00_00_46_07.Imagen fija005.jpg

Juan tiene mucho potencial por lo que decidimos hacerle un video corto pero muy manchado... sin mas que decir disfruten del video.

Juan has a lot of potential so we decided to make him a short but very stained video... without further ado, enjoy the video.

#skateboarding #ramps #bowl #hihtimes #skatehive #keepskating


Place: Hilamas Skatepark
Mode: 2.7 60f/s
Camera: Gopro Hero 10


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So much style for real, especially on that Rock 180!


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