Fields of Green for All


In memory of Jules (What it’s Really Like Without Jules – 2 Years After His Murder), and in celebration of his life and his life's work with Myrtle, I encourage everyone to tune into this TedTalk that they gave back in 2015:

The Dagga Couple deserved better. RIP Jules. You are missed, but will never be forgotten. Thank you for all that you did, and Myrtle, thank you for all that you continue to do despite his absence and the trauma of having to witness his horrific end.

If you are working at all in South Africa, if you have benefited from Cannabis legalization efforts in South Africa, or if you consume Cannabis and live in South Africa, you owe your freedom to the Dagga Couple. Given this, I would encourage you, and even those of you who may not have directly benefitted from their efforts to donate to Fields of Green for All.

For less than $3, you can help them a great deal -- in South Africa, that buys two tanks of gas (they take bitcoin).

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