Day 66. Almost There!


What's up Weed Nerds? So since the last update 6 days ago, there has been a lot going on. At the 66 day mark, I now only have 3 plants left. I have decided to cut the Knights Templar Og, due to it not doing very well. You may recall I pulled it out of the tent, due to Powered Mildew. I think it also had a root virus, but I did not catch that until after I cut the plant down. Regardless, it is now over with, and hanging to dry. Due to it being outside the last few weeks, and still the PM, I decide to give it a bud wash.

What is a bud wash? Exactly what it sounds like. Some people prefer it, and I even know some who won't even smoke a flower unless they knew it was washed at harvest. I myself have only done this a few times, and only when the situation absolutely calls for it. Don't worry no cannabinoids, or terpenes is lost due to this.

Since I am washing to get rid of Powered Mildew spores, I am using 3/4 of a cup of Hydrogen Peroxide in 4 gallons of water. The next compartment is filled with plain water. Usually there is an added bucket for rinsing, but this is a step I skip.

I first cut off the water leaves, and as any mold spots before washing.

I then dip, and swirl a bud around in the Hydrogen Peroxide treated water, and then rinse in the plain water compartment.

Then I let the washed buds hang in front of a fan until thoroughly dried. After I then proceed drying like I normally would. Now I just have to wait, and see how they fair out when finished.

The other 3 are currently in the flush stage, and the buds are stacking up nicely. As I said earlier, day 66, and with at least 10 more days to finish.

Larrys Breath

The winner out of the 4 cuts! This strain is really appeasing all of my senses, and to me looks the best out of the bunch. If I ever had to choose, I would for sure grow this one again! In fact if I where to take clones, and do a perpetual grow, I would hope to have this in the lineup.

Chili Verde

I have to say in the last 6 days this one has shown the most changes. The buds are really starting to plump up, and I think once it is said, and done they will be impressive. The nose on this one is quite different then anything I ever have had. Once I figure it out, Ill get back to you. Which I suspect once I get it in a jar will be more noticeable.

Dosi Sherbert

This is my 3 gallon contender, and honestly would probably be my favorite if it where not being so burnt out on Wedding Cake like terps. But it is still a nice plant, and is the sturdiest out of the bunch. No support needed for these buds!

A lower bud on the Larrys Breath

So still a little bit to go. After the first flush, after the soil dried up I did hit with Molasses. I will do one more flush, and then wait, and access. Right now I am keeping humidity right at 40%, with it hovering around 42% during the day with lights off. I am being as patient as I can with these, since this will be the last grow in a 4x4 for some time. When I do decide to start a grow up in the near future, it will be in a small tent, 1 plant at a time. Which will be sufficient until I move into a bigger place. So this is why I need to make this one count! Until next time, have a great week everyone!





Hey @jonyoudyer, the part with the hydrogen peroxide solution is a very innovative way to get rid of unwanted pests since its chemical structure is pretty near to H2O itself!

I like the main idea of this and your effort to clean your medicine before you want to use it, but tap water in most countries worldwide is polluted with:

  • Heavy metals
  • Drug residues
  • Hormone residues
  • Fluorides
  • Pesticides
  • Asbestos
  • Nitrates
  • Chlorine
  • Microplastics
  • and many more

So you should think about if you are really "cleaning" your medicine or if you are polluting it ..

I would recommend you to do some research about reverse osmosis systems and water in it's natural form - what it should usually do to our body and what it actually does to our body when talking about tap water or mineral water (from the supermarket)!

I am sure your plants will love it since it's free from everything listed above and your body will love it as well! But be sure to do some research on which manufacturers is the best for the reverse osmosis system.

All the best! 🙏❤️


Hi! Thank you for your comment. Great point about the tsp water. I even thought about this myself, but cut that corner, and webt ahead and used it anyway. I actually do use RO for drinking, and watering my plants. But buy it from the store. Still no excuse since it would of only cist me 3$ to do this.

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You are welcome!

I am drinking it since 1,5 years now and I love it!

  • Filter
  • Re-Mineralize
  • Vitalize

Feel free to check out my post "3 steps to super healthy water!" if you want to see how I am doing it for drinking 😇

I actually do use RO for drinking, and watering my plants.

Nice, why not use it for washing as well? I think it will do a HUGE difference 😇