Finish harvesting the plant while the family is present

Today I woke up with the intention of finishing the harvest of the plant since the buds reached a good size and it was not necessary to continue forcing the plant.
Although there are people who harvest the plant once and for all, I personally prefer to do it for days since it allows the plant to finish forming the buds that are in the lower part.



I asked my father to hold my daughter for a few minutes while he cut the remaining branches of the plant to start the final harvest. While I was cutting the branches, I took some photos since you can see up close that the buds have a significant size.



The aroma of the plant was quite strong and the amount of resin it produces is such that when you pass your hand over the buds, you feel a kind of oil. I usually take my time to cut quite a lot of the leaves that I don't want on the buds but this time I do it a little more messy because I have to keep an eye on my daughter.


Later my girlfriend joined the backyard while she was cutting the leaves from the buds, she was restoring a medicine cabinet in the bathroom that is rusty. While we both did our things, we left the baby on the floor next to the toys and my dog ​​to play, she was very attentive to what we were doing and watched carefully.

These last harvests become very strong, the buds become too loaded and some friends who tried it were blown away.