Happy New Year From HiveHustlers- 2023 Goals and Changes To Token Economy


Happy New Year Hustlers! We are excited to leave the crazy year of 2022 behind us and move on to hopefully better times, but this is crypto am I right?!? This month marks the 2 year point that @thelogicaldude took over the HiveHustlers community to try and build it back up and give it some direction. This also sparked the Hivecommerce token or the COM token, which we have had some growth with, but not as much as we would have hoped, but that's also on us.

Until now, staking the COM token was earning holders a 50 percent payout of our rewards from the prior month, paid out daily. Since the last Hive hard fork, we have had a lot of issues with the various token payouts as we had too many things trying to run. But hey, lessons learned and we have found a better direction with help and feedback from the community!

Changes to the HiveCommerce COM Token Payouts

Being that we had so many issues in the last year trying to payout 6 different tokens, and competing with other payout bots using the blockchain working at the same time, we have changed the way we are doing things.

Instead of paying out daily payouts in 6 different tokens, we are changing things up and only paying out in SWAP.HIVE! What we are doing is taking 50% of our rewards for our supported communities on a monthly basis and staking in our wallet. The rest is sold into SWAP.HIVE along with all the other random tokens we get throughout the month. The only exception is the BEE token. We use that to pay bills. This starts today, Jan 1, 2023!

20% of the SWAP.HIVE will be withdrawn to regular HIVE and used to power up the HiveHustlers account. The other remaining 30% will be divided by 30 or 31, depending on the month, and that amount will be the daily payout pool for COM stakeholders. The current payout pool is 3 SWAP.HIVE. We want that to grow over the year, so more support the better!

This will make life so much easier on everyone, plus it give you a little more daily HIVE!

2023 Goals- Keeping Consistent

That's pretty much the main goal for the year 2023 is to be consistent in our curation, commenting and posting. The goal is to curate posts from the 6 main communities we support which are: @leofinance @ctptalk @hivelist @weedcash.network @oneup-cartel, @hive.pizza, and now @blocktunes on a Monday-Friday basis and make at least 1 educational blog post and 1 community curation update post in a week.

That's a pretty decent goal to work with. If we happen to get more content out, then cool, but with everything else going, these 2 posts are good goals to keep up with.

Consistency is key to building any business and this is no different. The more consistent we are, the bigger we can grow to help further community growth! Any HBD earned through posting will be sent to @thelogicaldude along with any BEE tokens to cover server bills for websites, and witness nodes.

Adapting The Hustle

Being able to adapt is the only way you will continue to grow. Knowing where your mistakes and opportunities are and how to make adjustments is how any entrepreneur will be able to succeed in 2023! We are no different! We are having to learn what is working and what is not, and focus on the winning concepts that will help move us forward!

Here is to an awesome 2023!

Keep calm and Hustle on!


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Hive Blockchain community: https://hivehustlers.io

HiveHustlers Community on Peakd: https://peakd.com/c/hive-183630/created

Check out our token ecomomy: https://hivehustlers.com/token-economy

Like what we do?

You can delegate Hive Power to @hivehustlers and earn $COM tokens that when staked, earn daily drips from our various community token rewards pools! Staking $COM will earn you a daily payout in SWAP.HIVE!

Please also consider a recurring Hive or HBD tip! It goes along way to help build a better community.

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