IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Are you protecting your plants from this heat wave?


Hola. ¿Cómo estás? Estoy deprimido por las hojas de mi taco.

A negative diagnosis is never fun ... even in the plant world. But reality is reality. And dispite the fact that I am broke, I ordered shading for my plants based on my friends diagnosis of "taco leaves". To make a long story short, it's hot as fuck here. Hotter than usual. I used a bit of quick thinking and contacted a friend who might know about heat waves on cannabis crops.

He told me to look for "taco leaves" and sure enough ... I found some. fuck me Still it's good to fix a problem instead of ignoring it. [Global warming much?!] So, I ordered some shade netting. Lets pray it comes in time. [I'm sure it will.] This heat is a bit crazy.

tiempo para un baile de lluvia?