autos update 2


Hi, folks!

The warmer days are finally arriving soon in the next days, nearing the Orthodox Easter next weekend...

the two autos are climatized well in the new pots with added some more soil mix (2 types of home organic compost). the critical in the right is in good condition after topping and both are growing well...

setup is a little bit improved with some more light & reflections + steady warmth...

The transplanted Brugmansia plant is also doing good in the bigger (temporary) container and she's throwing some very large leaves. Don't know if's going bloom in the first year?!

Here are some more shots from this #DoItYourself temporary "nest" for the early spring autoflower plants + some regular randoms ~ all preparing to be moved outdoors soon!

Hope your weekend is fine and you're having some cool fun, together with quality time and nice relaxation! ;)


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