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Three weeks until launch!

This week has been absolutely wild and we are inching closer to our launch date. That being said, our team will be deep in code and graphic design to bring you and amazing experience. In an effort to educate everyone involved and interested in Hashkings, I will be writing a series of three posts over the next week. Todays post is the first one in that series along with some additional information.

The state of Hashkings is terrific!

Pre-sale, the first 5 days

I'm floored and cannot express the joy I am feeling at this point in time. My head is still spinning and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the community for helping make my dream a reality. Thank you!

This week was a complete success! As many of you know, Hashkingsis selling bundles which include one land plot, one seed and one water tower prior to launch. These NFT bundles include everything users need to begin enjoying this Hive cannabis experience. We launched our pre-sale this past Saturday, 1-23-2021 at 12:00PM PST and it immediately took off! We sold out of our Asia plots, the rarest and most productive plots within minutes and the rest started flying off the shelves! It seems the next region to be sold out is Jamaica which has the second highest BUD production of all the regions. I highly recommend you snatch up these plots before they are gone!

Since Saturday we have sold over 20,000 HIVE worth of assets and are continuing to make sales every day. I imagine we will be close to, if not, completely sold out by the time we launch. IMPORTANT - If we sell out before launch there will only be one way of purchasing plots, at a markup, based on what the community thinks they are worth at

Currently we have the following bundles available on our presale page

AsiaSOLD OUT$29.99
Jamaica85 Bundles$19.99
Africa280 Bundles$14.99
Afghanistan474 Bundles$9.99
Mexico722 Bundles$7.49
South America1201 Bundles$4.99

In an effort to allow our users to view their plots before launch, was kind enough to work hard and bring Hashkings to their marketplace! We want to extend a warm thank you to the team for helping us get this going immediately.

Detailed Description of Assets

In an effort to educate users on Hashkings I will begin by describing each of our assets in depth and bring to light each of their complexities.

Fungible Tokens

BUDS Token

BUDS are fungible tokens which are earned upon harvesting of your plots and have a couple different functions. BUDS when harvested can be traded/exchanged on the Hive-Engine exchange as a speculative investment and users can either sell or buy them as they become available there.

BUDS are also used to earn MOTA, our in-game currency described below, via a burning mechanism. In order to earn a share in the daily MOTA distribution, our users will deposit BUDS in to the hashkings-buds account on a daily basis. When the 24 hour window has passed, the game calculates who has deposited and how much has been deposited. Based on this calculation our users will be distributed their share of MOTA tokens.

Example of MOTA distribution from burning BUDS

Users A, B and C deposit 10 BUDS each. After 24 hours Hashkingsdistributes 33% percent of the daily MOTA tokens to each of the users. Since there are three users that deposited 10 BUDS each the math is simple and each user gets an equal share of tokens.

Another use case for BUDS is crafting. Throughout our game there are a number of items that may be crafted - consumables and boosters. Each of these types of NFTs will be described in detail in a following post.

To summarize, BUDS are a fungible token and can be used to earn MOTA, craft items and are distributed via harvest.

MOTA Token

This is our in-game currency, a fungible token, used to purchase items in our Hashkings shop. It is very beneficial to use MOTA tokens to purchase any of the assets because users receive as much as 50 percent off the HIVE price! Hashkings will also burn 50% of the tokens we receive from sales in our shop.

Just like the BUDS token our MOTA token also has multiple functions. Along with using it to purchase items in the Hashkings shop at a discount, users may elect to stake the token. Staking MOTA is very important because this is how seeds are created. I will explain seeds in more detail later but basically, seeds are only created by staking MOTA which gives users a direct opportunity to be seed producers for the game. Without users staking MOTA there will be no way to get new seeds.

Of course, since MOTA is a fungible token it is also available to be traded/exchanged on the Hive-Engine exchange but how does one earn MOTA? Hashkingswill not be minting tokens to ourselves so you will not be able to purchase them from us. Instead, as mentioned in the BUDS section of this post, users must deposit BUDS which are burned in the process in order to get in on the minting and distribution of MOTA. What happens if nobody deposits BUDS? If nobody participates in the minting of MOTA then the daily distribution will be burned.

To summarize, MOTA is a fungible token and is minted by users depositing BUDS. It is used to purchase items in our shop at a discount and when items are purchased with MOTA, 50 percent of the MOTA used will be burned.

Tierra afagana.png

Land plots

Land plots are the non-fungible tokens which are used to grow your cannabis plants on. These NFTs are scarce and have an element of complexity built in to them. There are 6 different regions, similar to the original Hashkings vision and include Asia, Jamaica, Africa, Afghanistan, Mexico and South America! Unlike the previous version of Hashkings, in Hashkings 2.0 users own their land plots and purchase them in a bundle during the presale or, if any are left, in our Hashkings shop.

Hashkings plots are unique in the fact that they can only grow seeds from their region. This means that if you are lucky enough to own a plot in Asia then you will only be able to grow the seeds pertaining to that region which in Asia are Aceh, Thai and Chocolate Thai.

Since Hashkings Plots are now NFTs this gives the user the ability to sell and purchase them in the marketplace. Be careful because once all plots are sold, this will be the only way to obtain them and only on rare occasions will we be releasing new regions!

Hashkings land plots have one more type of complexity built in to them. Each Plot comes with a number of subdivision which, in the future will have the ability to be rented out or sold to other users. This gives the users direct control as Land Barons over the regions they own. IMPORTANT: if you want to be a land baron, I suggest getting in on this pre-sale because the plots will surely sell out quickly if the current trend continues!

To summarize, Hashkings plots are non-fungible tokens with built in scarcity and complexity which includes subdivisions and a limited support for seeds grown in that region. At this time there are only 6 different regions.



Hashkings seeds are non-fungible tokens and simply the mechanism which is used to grow your plants. Seed NFTs come in 16 different types and, as mentioned above, can only be grown in the region they are found to grow in naturally.

Since our seeds are NFTs you can sell them or purchase them at In fact, after the presale this will be the only way to purchase them. Hashkings will not be in control of the types of seeds available and will not mint seeds to sell in our marketplace except for rare "special" seeds in the future.

How do users acquire seeds beyond purchasing them from other users in the marketplace? Seeds are unique in the fact that our seed producers must stake MOTA to produce them. If you choose that purchasing them from users is not the path for you then why not take a shot at becoming a seed producer. In order to do this you simply stake MOTA tokens and you will be distributed seeds based on the amount of MOTA staked. I will mention the ratio of MOTA staked to seeds produced in my final post of this series.

Another unique complexity build in to Hashkings 2.0 is that seeds are all different and have different production rates and watering requirements. Depending on the type of seed you own determines how much bud you can produce. This is why it is important to get in on the most rare bundles!

To summarize, seeds are non-fungible tokens used to grow plants specific to the region in which they originate and are produced by our seed producers who stake MOTA. Seeds also vary in water requirement and production rate

Jamaica tanque.png

Water Towers

These non-fungible tokens are the powerhouse of the game. Plants cannot grow without water and Hashkings 2.0 is no different. If you want to play you will need to purchase water towers. These water towers are currently wrapped in our bundle but will be available in our Hashkings shop and from other users at

Water towers come in 10 levels with varying daily water production. Gameplay dictates that in order to harvest your plants the water requirement for your seed must be met. The level the user has determines the level of water tower they may use.

Even though it is required that you water your plant before you harvest it is optional to water every day. Your water builds up every day and can be used at your leisure. If for example you have a seed which requires 120 water to be harvested and you have a level water tower (30 water per day) you can elect to water every day for 4 days or you can water all at once on the day of harvest.

To summarize, water towers are non-fungible tokens which are used to provide water to your plants. Water accumulates daily and can either be used every day or all at once at harvest.

Basic Gameplay Scenario

In this section I want to give you an overview and a bit of a flowchart as to how the basic game play goes. This may get a bit complicated but don't worry after my series of posts you should be all caught up on how this all works!

Below are bullet points of the possible pathways of how an average grow cycle of Hashkings can occur. Have fun!

  • User Begins at level 1 with 0XP
  • User makes asset purchases to begin gameplay
    • Landplot from hashkings or from user market
    • Seed from user market
    • level 1 water tower from hashkings or from user market
  • User plants seed on landplot
    • Planting means sending seed to hashkings-plots account
      • Seed nft gets burned
    • User harvests plot
      • Harvest requirements
        • Seed must pass sprouting time
        • Land must receive specific amount of water
  • Outcome
    • User receives BUDS token at harvest
      • Dependent on landplot and seed type
    • Landplot becomes available for planting
  • Options after outcome
    • User may sell BUDS on Hive-Engine
    • User may deposit BUDS in order to acquire MOTA
      • BUDS are deposited
        • Deposited to hashkings-buds account
        • BUDS are burned after deposit
      • MOTA is acquired
        • User may sell MOTA on Hive-Engine
        • User may stake MOTA to produce Seeds
          • Random Seed is produced
            • User may sell seed on
              • User may plant seed
                • Dependent on region
    • User may use BUDS to roll level 1 consumable NFT
      • User may “smoke” level 1 consumable
        • User earns XP for “smoking”
        • User may sell NFT at
    • User may use BUDS to craft level 1 booster
      • Time Booster NFT
        • Increases sprouting time
        • May be sold on
      • Water Booster NFT
        • Increases Capacity of water tower
        • May be sold on
  • Rinse and Repeat

Those bullets might be a little confusing but you will understand after we create some videos and hopefully after this series is finished!

Thank you so much for reading and supporting Hashkings 2.0. Catch you next time!

Official links

Hashkings WebApp

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I'm one of those "if you don't hold it, you don't own it" people. There aren't many of us left, so I think cyber tulip seeds and water towers will continue to do well. ;D
Remember: there's a limited supply! Until the makers decide to make more. If you've studied the federal reserve you know how that works out.


Thank you for your input, I want to be clear that Hashkings is a game not a financial instrument.

To clear up some confusion, if all plots in the game were sold out then there would only be enough for 30k users to play the game and that's only if every user who owns a plot decided to sell all of their plots except one and sell off the subdivisions on those plots. Remember, only 3k users can actually own a region. This means that if more people want to play after the 3k initial plots are sold the users who own land plots will need to start either renting or selling the subdivisions they have available to them.

If, fingers crossed, the game becomes so popular that all of the subdivisions and land plots are taken we're not going to turn away new users, instead we will release new regions and give users the opportunity to join the game.

Please keep in mind once regions are created we will never mint more of them. For instance, there will never be more Asia plots available, ever. If we do mint more plots and that's only if the game is hugely successful then we will create new regions, not increase the amount of plots on the original regions. We would never change the number of plots in each region! I hope that is clearer!

I will change the wording in this post to make sure that point is clear!

Thanks for your input :)


excellent work, great team, waiting for the launch, meanwhile evaluating to buy another land.

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Next Hive Power Up Day is February 1st 2021

I'm excited for the release! Keep up the great work!


Waiting for the Launch ...

LG Michael



Thanks! Will be here before we know it!


ooooo I'm very excited about how the tokens function and interact with eachother!

looks like you put a lot of thought into this. Looking forward to playing!


Thank you its been a fun ride so far and am excited to release this to the world!


Ahhh, that sounds so great, next generation token mine, we want you !