Hashkings Daily Stats [Jan 4, 2022]

Authored by @choof

Hello Hashkings players!

Welcome to the Daily Stats post for the game Hashkings.

This post is intended to provide a transparent and comprehensive summary of the current state HashKings for players. Additionally, these posts will document the growth of the game.

Happy Farming and happy new years! - @Choof

Play Hashkings here: https://www.hashkings.app/


Fungible Token Stats

BUDS Price (USD): $0.000584

BUDS can be minted by playing Hashkings. This includes harvesting plants and participating in raids. BUDS can be used to craft joints, earn MOTA, and more.

Buy BUD on the Hive Engine: https://tribaldex.com/trade/BUDS

Tip: Check the MATIC and FANTOM bridges for arbitrage opportunities when buying and selling BUD.

MOTA Price (USD): $0.324

MOTA can be earned by burning buds in the daily MOTA pool. Staking MOTA allows farmers to participate in the weekly seed drop.

Buy MOTA on the Hive Engine: https://tribaldex.com/trade/MOTA

HKWATER Price (USD): $0.00003078

HKWater is generated by Water Tower NFTs, and is required harvest plants.

Buy HKWater on the Hive Engine: https://tribaldex.com/trade/HKWATER

Global Stats

Total BUD Burned: 95372128 BUD

A total of 95372128 BUDS has been burned in total. Using todays price, that's over $55697 worth of BUDS burned to date!

Why should you burn BUDS?

Burning BUDS allows you to earn MOTA. Remember to add BUDS to the MOTA pool before 00:00 UTC each day to participate. Learn more about earning MOTA here: https://hashkings-2.gitbook.io/getting-started/mota

Total Plots in Use: 8206 Plots

A total of 8206 plots have a seed currently planted in them. Think of all that BUDS almost ready for harvest!

Tip: Seeds will die 7 days the plant fully matures. Make sure to harvest your plots before the "Seed Death Time" reaches 0.

MOTA Staked Globally: 229220 MOTA

MOTA can be staked to earn seeds from the weekly seed drop. Learn how to stake MOTA here.

Daily Players: 978

Raid Stats

Raid Link: https://farm.hashkings.app/raids

What are raids?

Raids are a new gameplay mechanic in Hashkings. Each day, players can participate in Boss Battles with their avatars. After a raid ends, participants are rewarded with BUDS.

To learn more about Boss Battles, and how rewards are calculated, check out the wiki post here: https://hashkings-2.gitbook.io/getting-started/mota


Total Raid Rewards 20795166 BUDS

This is the total amount of BUDS in the Hashkings raids treasury.

Note: This represents the entire Raids reward pool, not just what will be rewarded today.

Today's Boss Battles

Each day five bosses based on famous viruses/malware are chosen for raids.

Raid 1 - Level Range: 1-24

Daily Base Reward: 0.05% (of the Raid Treasury)

Name: ILOVEYOU [Epic Boss]
Reward Multiplier: 5x
Total BUDS Reward: 51988 BUDS

Raid 2 - Level Range: 26-50

Daily Base Reward: 0.06% (of the Raid Treasury)

Name: ZEUS [Epic Boss]
Reward Multiplier: 2x
Total BUDS Reward: 24954 BUDS

Raid 3 - Level Range: 51-75

Daily Base Reward: 0.07% (of the Raid Treasury)

Name: MICHELANGELO [Rare Boss]
Reward Multiplier: x2
Total BUDS Reward: 29113 BUDS

Raid 4 - Level Range: 76-100

Daily Base Reward: 0.08% (of the Raid Treasury)

Name: ILOVEYOU [Epic Boss]
Reward Multiplier: x5
Total BUD Reward: 83181 BUDS

Raid 5 - Level Range: 100+

Daily Base Reward: 0.10% (of the Raid Treasury)

Name: MYDOOM [Mythic Boss]
Reward Multiplier: x5
Total BUDS Reward: 103976 BUDS

Useful Links

Hashkings Wiki: https://hashkings-2.gitbook.io/getting-started/
Hashkings Stats Website: https://hk-stats.herokuapp.com/home