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Hashkings 2.0

A brief background

Hashkings is a Cannabis Farming Simulator on the Hive Blockchain which offers users the ability to grow virtual weed and earn cryptocurrency while doing so. Hashkings was first imagined in late 2018 by Daniel Pittman aka @qwoyn, the writer of this post, a blockchain enthusiast and Ethereum smart contracts developer. With the help of @disregardfiat, I was able to see my idea come to life on the STEEM Blockchain during the first quarter of 2019. The game/experience was originally intended for the Ethereum Blockchain because of their erc-721 NFT standard but because of high gas fees and slow transaction speeds it didn't seem like the ideal place to host the game.

After developing the idea of growing virtual weed, I naturally started a discord server centered, not only around the game itself, but also around Cannabis cultivation and love for the plant. At this point, @jonyoudyer the founder of @canna-curate, discovered the Hashkings server, messaged me and we quickly became friends. After some convincing by Jon to join his favorite Blockchain, Hashkings firmly planted its roots in STEEM.

Since I was an Ethereum dev and not a STEEM dev I needed some help to get the backend going and sought out a developer to help me. I quickly found disregardfiat and lucky for me he happily wanted to join the team, after which we promptly began developing this weed growing experience. After he setup some of the basic functions of Hashkings such as planting seeds and watering I was interested in launching in VR. Dlux.io offered such an opportunity and we began working on the frontend. However, this idea was abandoned because of some of the memory limitations that arose on the glitch platform and the overall lack of interest in virtual reality.

In March of 2019, I launched a rudimentary webapp, enlisted the help of some beta testers from the canna-curate discord server and we began testing some of the basic functions mentioned above. Once most of the bugs were ironed out I began building a better frontend using react.js as the main library. This of course presented some issues since I had never used react before however it did present an opportunity for me to learn. Over the next year I began learning react and built out a pretty fancy frontend using the new framework.

Towards the end of 2019 @disregardfiat moved on from the project and I was left to once again learn more code. Luckily for me, he left quite a few comments in the backend code he built so I was able to start learning the different methods he had written. Once I mastered those functions I started writing my own code and added a lot of new ones, many of which existed up until 2021.

In March of 2020 a major event known to many as "the hostile takeover" happened and it left a bad taste in my mouth. The STEEM Blockchain forked and a new chain known as HIVE was created. I was still new to the Blockchain and the drama that developed was too much for me to handle. I could not understand why the community did what they did and I eventually decided to shutdown the game. For a moment however, I did have it running on both chains but this presented double the work and the sentiment was that I should move completely to the HIVE Blockchain. This was detrimental to me because I had spent an entire year using STEEM and was starting to fall in love with it. I was heartbroken, confused and hurt. I felt everything I had worked for was completely destroyed and decided to put the project on hold.

In November of 2020 I started to understand the underlying implications of what the community had done and agreed that the best course of action for them was to fork away from STEEM. The core developers of HIVE were also making some major improvements and I felt that the dust had settled. At this point it was time to once again boot up Hashkings and give my loyal users what they deserved. One of the problems presented by my hiatus was that I had lost many users, down from 151 active farmers at its peak to 7 or 8. This did not stop me however and I continued to move forward. Then, at the end of December, something amazing happened. I was approached by Liuke from Academia Libertad on discord after writing my pollen update post. He presented me with a proposition I could not afford to pass up and because of this I partnered with @academialibertad for the next phase of Hashkings development.

Enter Hashkings 2.0

Below is a summary(lightpaper) of the new version of the game. After launch and over the course of the next few months, I will be releasing some guides which will describe the gameplay in more detail.

Basic Premise of Hashkings

NOTE: This summary is subject to change and is only a brief overview of the beginning phases of development

Hashkings 2.0

New users begin by purchasing a weed permit which prevents spamming of the ecosystem. Users then purchase seed packs and land plots based on the types of seeds they own and begin producing seeds. Hashkings farmers will then need to water their plants, each of which have different watering requirements, and collect buds from their matured plants. These buds are used to craft different items such as basic joints that allow users to earn XP and gain levels which, as users gain levels, unlock different in-game features. Some of the abilities include the ability to upgrade buildings and obtain boosters to improve farm production. Buds can also be deposited in to a daily pool to earn our in-game token called MOTA (the Spanish term for weed) which is used to craft farm boosters. Users may also purchase irrigation systems and water towers which will produce water that can be used in their own farm or sold to other farmers.

Another exciting feature of Hashkings 2.0 are roles. Players will be able to adopt different roles within the game based on different strategies thanks to the creative design of Hashkings. From something as basic as planting and harvesting your buds, to being a specialized seed producer, a landlord or even providing water to other players there are many different ways to take advantage of the gameplay!

The Introduction of Fungible and Non-Fungible tokens

As I mentioned, my original vision for Hashkings was to construct NFTs which represent all of the different game assets on the Ethereum blockchain but since I was on the STEEM chain I was not able to do so. We did have our own version of NFTs that were developed by @disregardfiat but they weren't ready for a dex or anything of that sort. With the recent upgrades to the HIVE blockchain and the introduction of smart contracts we are now able to make my dream a reality! This upgrade includes one fungible token and five different non-fungible tokens.



MOTA is our fungible utility token and in-game currency. As mentioned, it is used to actually play the game and craft some of the items previously mentioned.

Economic Properties of MOTA

  • Infinite Supply (Hive-engine does not actually allow this but we have created 100 Billion of these tokens which is enough to last ~2765 years)

  • 4 Decimal Places

  • 10,000 tokens are minted daily

  • Of all purchases made in the game with the tokens, 50% will be burned

  • We offer a 15% discount on purchases made with token

  • Can be stake to receive random seeds (TBD)

Non-fungible Tokens


Seeds have changed drastically, are now randomly chosen depending on which plot you own and come in seed packs. The seed pack supply is limited to a TBD amount of seeds of each package type and each seed pack contains three random types of seeds. Each seed is now dependent on the region in which they naturally grow and each seed has a different probability of being acquired. See the chart below to see the probability and region of each seed type.

RegionSeed TypeProbability
AsiaChocolate Thai50%
JamaicaLambs Bread30%
JamaicaKings Bread70%
AfricaSwazi Gold10%
AfricaDurban Poison25%
AfricaSwazi Gold10%
AfghanistanHindu Kush5%
AfghanistanAfghani Kush20%
AfghanistanLashkar Gah25%
AfghanistanMazar i Sharif50%
MexicoAcapulco Gold100%
South AmericaColombian Gold40%
South AmericaPanama Red60%

Once seeds have been purchased, players will have the opportunity to acquire a plot of land in 6 different growing regions (Asia, Africa, Afghanistan, South America, Jamaica, Mexico) for a limited time! Once this limit has been reached a yet to be determined amount of plots will occasionally be released.

Seeds also come with different characteristics such as sprouting time, amount of water needed to grow and the amount of buds each seed can produce. See the chart below to find the characteristics of each seed.

SeedSprouting TimeWater ConsumptionBud Production Range
Aceh1 Day235 Gallons7550 - 8000 Grams
Thai2 Days235 Gallons7250 - 7800 Grams
Chocolate Thai2 Days230 Gallons7000 - 7300 Grams
Lambs Bread2 Days215 Gallons6000 - 7000 Grams
Kings Bread3 Days205 Gallons5500 - 6500 Grams
Swazi Gold3 Days168 Gallons4600 – 4900 Grams
Kilimanjaro3 Days137 Gallons3500 - 3900 Grams
Durban Poison4 Days104 Gallons2575 - 2925 Grams
Malawi4 Days93 Gallons2175 - 2525 Grams
Hindu Kush4 Days82 Gallons1825 - 2175 Grams
Afghani Kush5 Days70 Gallons1450 – 1800 Grams
Lashkar Gah5 Days43 Gallons850 - 1100 Grams
Mazar i Sharif6 Days33 Gallons600 - 850 Grams
Acapulco Gold6 Days23 Gallons350 - 600 Grams
Colombian Gold7 Day10 Gallons50 - 350 Grams
Panama Red7 Day9 Gallons30 - 325 Grams

As you can see the rate of production is based on the amount of water used and the rarity of the seed which mean the best seeds need more water but give you a better return of buds per gallon of water.

Land Plots

As with the previous version of Hashkings there are six different grow regions to choose from but the major difference is that you actually purchase these plots. Another difference in these plots is that they are limited number in number and priced by the amount of plots available. Our prices are also tied to the dollar instead of HIVE to stabilize the value.

Asia20 Plots$15.00
Jamaica55 Plots$9.75
Africa150 Plots$7.50
Afghanistan250 Plots$5.00
Mexico375 Plots$3.50
South America650 Plots$1.75
Water Towers / Irrigation Systems

These NFTs are the powerhouse of the game. Sunlight is free but each of our Water Towers have to be purchased. Price is yet to be determined but each type has 5 Levels of improvement as XP is earned.

Tower TypeFlow Rate in Gallons

Want to smoke a virtual joint and earn experience points for doing so? Our joints are not only loaded with THC but they also come with XP which is used in our Level System, explained below. In this Level System, experience points are obtained when users consume different types of joints with varying XP based on the type of joint. Each of which can be purchased from other users in the market or rolled by the user themselves.

Type of JointBuds required (grams)XP Gained
Nose Cone25001100
Time Booster

Another type of consumable is our Time Booster which helps players save time on production but don't earn XP and come in six different levels.

Booster LevelTime Gained (%)Buds Required (grams)
Collection Booster

Our Collection Booster allows you to harvest seeds along with your buds as an added bonus. They also come in six levels with varying degree of chance to collect a seed.

Collection LevelChance of getting a seed (%)Buds Required (grams)
Level System

One of the most exciting portions of Hashkings 2.0 is the level system which allows users to gain different benefits based on their in-game level.

Main benefits during level upgrades

  1. Increase plot subdivisions
  2. Unlock the water tower purchase
  3. Unlock powering up of irrigation system
  4. Ability to collect seeds during harvest
  5. Reduction of germination time
  6. Optimize production
  7. Crafting consumables
XP LevelBenefit 1Benefit 2Benefit 3
1Unlock a plot for seedUnlock the possibility to buy your first irrigation systemCraft Level 1 Consumable
32nd space on plot--
53rd space on plotReduction of germination timeability to improve the first irrigation system unlocked
6Craft Consumable Level 2--
74th space on the plot--
95th space on plot--
10Ability to upgrade the 2nd irrigation system unlockedUnlock the purchase of 2nd irrigation system-
12Craft Level 3 Consumable--
15Unlock ability to upgrade the 3rd irrigation system--
20Unlock ability to upgrade 4th irrigation systemUnlock the purchase of the 3rd irrigation systemCraft Level 5 Consumable
30Unlock power to upgrade 5th irrigation system--
35Unlock the buy 4th irrigation system--
40Tier 3 consumable upgrade--
45Unlock power to upgrade 5th irrigation system--
55Unlock the purchase of the 6th water plant--
60Tier 4 consumable upgrade--
65Unlock the purchase of the 6th water plantUnlock ability to upgrade the 7th water plant-
75Unlock the purchase of the 8th water plantTier 5 Consumables UpgradeUnlock the upgrade of the 9th water plant
90New space for irrigation system--
100Tier 6 consumable upgradeUnlock power to upgrade to 10th irrigation system-


As you can see the Hashkings experience has turned in to an actual game with many different dynamics and a robust economy. Please keep in mind that anything mentioned in this post is subject to change but this is the basic overview as it stands today. I will continue writing posts over the next few months explaining each category in detail for users to gain a better understanding and become the best farmers possible. Over time we will be adding many more features to the game which are already on the drawing board. We can't wait to see you compete, trade and sell NFTs in our fun and exciting new version of Hashkings!

NOTE: I want to reiterate that any of the figures above including NFT stats are subject to change.


Thank you so much for reading and see you in the fields!

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Hashkings WebApp

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A lot of passion and an extremely great idea. I hope to see this grow more !


I appreciate it! I've poured a lot of myself in to my crypto journey and this has not been an exception. The NFTs and MOTA tokens are ready to go, just need to change some things on the backend and make the frontend coincide with the new gameplay. I can see us launching this in about 2 weeks or so.


Well made and explained article, I'm a heavy cannabis user and gamer so its nice to see such a development. Looking forward to its release \m/

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Awesome! I'm glad to have your attention, are you thinking about becoming one of our land barons?


Yea I would definitely be interested, drop me a discord channel or something I'm sure u guys have for better communication. I am new to the crypto world, like a few months new lol but getting involved with projects is the best way to learn. lmk \m/

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Good luck!

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Thanks! Are you gonna join?


For now I will just stay on the sideline and buy some HashKings tokens.

Keep it up!

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Thanks for your interested. If you haven't already please follow on here or join our Discord channel for more up to date information. See you soon!


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Glad to see you getting this going again and with NFTs too. It will make a huge difference!

Good luck with the game and I look forward to playing again.