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Hello, everyone, I hope you all are well so today I wanna share my views on all types of drugs, drugs mean medicine/medicine, drugs are used in the treatment of diseases. Initially, medicines were obtained from plants and animals, but as chemistry expanded, new elements were discovered and new medicines were prepared from them by the artificial method. Today, medicines are obtained from various sources like animal, plant, mineral substances. Medicines obtained from minerals are kaolin, paraffin, trisilicate, etc.
Similarly, medicines such as morphine, quinine, reserpine, and animals such as insulin, antitoxin, and gonadotrophins are obtained from plants. In chemistry, most of the medicines are prepared from organic substances. Aspirin from acetic anhydride, Veronal from urea, Saccharin and chloramine from benzoic acid, Phenacetin from phenol, Aspirin, Salol, and Salicylic acid, etc. Many types of sulfa-drugs etc. medicines are prepared from benzene sulfonic acid.

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Types and effects of intoxicants-

In addition to the traditional intoxicants: such as alcohol, cannabis, opium, many new and strong intoxicating drugs have been invented today, which are far more lethal than the old intoxicants. Some of these are as follows-

  • Liquor – Liquor or wine is as if born on earth along with man. It is also included in the gems obtained from the churning of the ocean. The increasing prevalence of alcohol consumption among the youth is an inauspicious sign for society. It is also a major source of income for the governments.
  • Morphine – It is made from opium. It is more intoxicating than opium. People who are used to it use it in the form of injection.
  • Heroin – It is made from morphine and is ten times more addictive. It is consumed in abundance.
  • Hashish – It is obtained from cannabis. It is burnt and used as a cigarette.
  • Brown sugar – It is impure heroin. It is used by mixing many other substances and becomes a kind of poison.
  • LSD.-Some people use it to relieve mental stress.
  • Smack – This is the most dangerous drug prevalent among the youth. One gets used to it in just two-three doses and it is somehow impossible to quit this addiction.
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Side effects of substance abuse-

Any intoxication, in the end, is only harmful to humans. Today the trend of increasing drug addiction in society is very worrying. On getting used to them, man becomes inactive and useless in every way. He wants to get these things at any cost.

Today the immoral and illegal drug trade is in full swing. Many organized gangs are engaged in this business. These things are today more valuable and business-accessible than gold.

The rate at which drug abuse is increasing among the youth is not only alarming for them but also the country and society. To destroy a country today not war, but drugs are needed. Terrorism and crime are also flourishing under the shadow of the drug trade.

Increasing trend of substance abuse

People who make money from drugs are serious criminals. These young men and women make them addicted by seduction or by consuming one or two doses for free and then that person becomes their slave.

Geech this trend is increasing. Some youths are adopting it secretly and some considering it as pride. This is a trend that ruins the life of the youth.

Ways to get rid of drugs-

The problem of proliferation of drugs is not of any individual or country-specific. This is an international problem. The network of drug dealers is spread all over the world. To not control it is to push the world towards dire destruction.

Many countries have made the sale or possession of narcotics a punishable offense. In many countries, there is also a system of capital punishment for its illegal trade. Every civilized and visionary country considers it a trade of death.

But it is not possible to overcome this crisis on the strength of laws. There can be a possibility of avoiding it by making the public aware of its danger and by treating the young men and women with its habit with sympathy. The government will also have to overcome this by making the strictest laws and being constantly vigilant.

The use of drugs is an invitation to death. Death is also very painful, slowly making the consciousness suffer and helpless! Drugs are now being used as a weapon too. This is a disgusting way to hollow out the youth power of the opposing country and destroy it without war.


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