The new project! The Church of TheWay!!!! Saber combatives!!!




Just got my buddy on here signed up and ready to go. All sorts of amazing things have happened today in announcing this new project of ours.

More details can be found here.


A non-denominational shaver combatives church because weapons are my religion...

Having philosophy as well as healthcare. As well as a sacred holy space for others to conduct their prayers ceremonies and have religious freedom space.

And it all begins today.

My buddy did a phenomenal post. I really hope that it gains quite a bit of amazing attention for an amazing individual.

And as well and amazing idea behind this. A way for us to support martial artists and as well get to train and have access to some phenomenal martial arts.

I have talked about this with a bunch of my friends and all of them have said some amazingly supportive words of wisdom for me to listen to.

Pretty much unanimously all of them have said....

Please do it.

And just like everything really amazing you can't do it alone so I have enlisted the help of an amazing friend of mine to leave this charge and to pursue our dream.

From learning how to do martial arts to the healing practices that we can include and fund as well.

Got a buddy of mine that is an incredible kickboxing instructor as well as massage therapist.

Got some really amazing martial arts church friends that are highly interested in this. And churches always want to help other churches grow and prosper especially when they have such wonderful ideas like this.

This isn't my idea totally I have had some influence on this however this is something that we can enable support and grow so many more people.

And I definitely see this as a way just like Hive I can talk interact and engage with you hopefully this church will be able to help us engage with people around the world. And if we can possibly engage together in moving meditation.

Thank you. Everyone. I really appreciate the help and support this pr