Oregon man Smuggles $2.5million dollars of cannabis 4 years 9 months prison



And why am I not in the weed exporting biz? Because of this.

Federal time.

Not sound worth the entire risk and especially the funds calculated are most likely exaggerated.

Sounds like they were doing this for a while and got a bunch of shipments seized. Then have to resort to using other carriers and having to forge a huge amount of paperwork.

However with this extremely large amount you have quite a bit of issues arise as well making quite a few enemies in the process.

I have a feeling that most of the employees in this operation work quick to turn the state's evidence. Especially having Federal attention directly on the owner of the business..

And all of the evidence really caught up to them fast. And obviously this was clearly proven to be a extremely well done continuing criminal Enterprise.

And I'm sure the fact they were custom making stash spots to ship cannabis across state lines in excessive amounts, as well as depositing less than $10,000 into the bank at a time to avoid attention and getting reported to the IRS. However all of that was in vain and they should have just quietly stockpiled all that cash and shut up and then retired before they got caught.

However these individuals decided to go crazy and squander the entire Fortune most likely because I really don't think they had enough to afford a lawyer especially with the 4-year sentence...

Rule number one of being a drug dealer if you are doing good you need to save as much money as you can because you need an extremely expensive lawyer. You are going to get arrested that is just the name of the game however if you are smart you invest that money in a very good lawyer.

Also you keep a war chest for bail expensive lawyer living expenses and all sorts of other stuff.

Then on top of it you also have the flow back that comes from everybody knowing you get arrested and the discrimination from your past.

Then also Court probation and all sorts of other issues to deal with after you've gotten busted.

So the first thing that you really should do would not do be exporting massive amounts of cannabis to Prohibition States just in case somebody in the federal government might happen to uncover your little idea and making an example out of you.

Oh wait I got that exact same offer and I could make a reasonable amount of money flying across the country being on permanent vacation just taking cannabis to a Prohibition State like Florida. The exceptional market would fund Chinese criminal gangs. Hmong gardeners were tied into the entire mix. Southern Oregon pipeline. And of course just like this organization quite a bit of attention.

Yep that's right I'd be flying back and forth putting my name on all of these different plane tickets.

Another plot that ended up with 88 West Coast gardeners in federal custody I was asked to be a part of and we could get top dollar by shipping our cannabis to the East Coast.

Now this was an exceptional scheme. It required all members to hoard as much free Craigslist crap as possible. Then all the Cannabis would be put in the middle of a pod that was rented and then shipped to the east coast where all of the free crap would be sorted through and mostly thrown away however there would be a huge amount of cannabis.

And what would you know. Apparently one of the 88 was a federal officer and of course when the entire search warrant was issued also all of the website private messaging was uncovered including propositions for many more growers which I am sure included mine...

However I was smart enough to say that I would pass and not needing the money that badly, I would just continue to operate within Oregon and Washington State guidelines... Well I mean it was kind of like the pirate code I mean their guidelines so it's exactly set in stone... I mean we threw a little bit more than what they said we could and we had a little bit more stashed away than they said we could...

However shipping it across state lines and committing crimes by shipping cannabis all the way to Timbuktu...

Well I like to think that's pretty smart.

At least I avoided prison time. Unfortunately civil asset forfeiture meant that pretty much all of the Southern Oregon landowners ended up losing their property. I do believe that by now everybody's out of prison. And I think that also either they are pretty close if not they are getting off of probation currently.

A lot of people think that smuggling large amounts of drugs is going to be really cool however most the time you're going to get robbed before you get that far.

And by the time you think that you're going to get to the top you end up in a small concrete box after going through the justice system.

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How could he not think that he may likely get caught to not know that he should have enough money for a good lawyer? Now he'll just serve in prison for four years! That's a lot.


And on top of it you're also looking at the loss of 4 years of income as well as the criminal record and loss of anything that he gained during his crime spree....

Let alone now he just drove up demand for cannabis illegally in those areas he was operational.

And shipping it was pretty smart however the mass amount means that he is getting watched even closer after the first seizure. After that it's all downhill.

First thing you do is save enough for a lawyer


To me he's not a professional smuggler else he'd have known what to expect. Let him stay in jail then. When he gets out if he'll ever be wise then he'll know what to do and not be a reckless spender.