I am horrified today at the news and cleaning the dabber to calm down




wow isn't this a great one so I flipped through the news today and I noticed that the federal government is pushing for control of the reservations in an unprecedented way and limiting the access to power by tribal authorities.

Native Americans currently live abject poverty. And this is just going to continue that cycle.

I have never been so disgusted by a administration as I have been with this one.

Already we are getting absolutely insanity in the news.

And then of course from the same administration we see this...


Oh yeah that's right somebody has the great idea that we are just going to allow China to take over our military and everything to them and then let them assure our safety....

Wait the people who are responsible for ethnic cleansing of their own people as well as any minorities as well as Muslims... You are going to let them take over the United States military....

Yeah there needs to be a civilian control within the military year and this general needs to not only be completely removed but also any individuals that also harbor such insane anti United States government philosophies must not be in any military capacity or leadership role.

And the elected fraudulent idiots? Wow. Just wow.

Not my president! 4 years of this for me.


This is the biggest proof of an election being chosen for us. This is not what the people wanted and do to election fraud we are seeing the results of that first hand.

next thing you know we are going to have some major issues.

There is no other options...

Time to clean house and remove corrupt politicians from office.

turn limits for all and I think that they need to be excessive like 10 years maximum. Or four terms?

It's definitely time to clear out some dead weight and what's going on in the world today is definitely making sure that change needs to happen.

In other news we are having fun smoking dabs and really enjoying life.

And also trying to extract this big huge chunk of oil resin from my temporary dab machine.

Wow that's quite a string of hash oil and it's pretty cool that with low temperatures it is super stable enough to be worked out of that tube and dropped into the container I need.

awesome job and I can't wait to smoke some oil here in a second now that I've got a clean dab tool.

Especially with current events and the news going on with some incredibly stupid idiocy.

I definitely need a dab or three to deal with things before I have my interview phone call here in a little bit.

Maybe I can sell some of my ideas and me and dog can start using our brain to make money and end up getting enough for our next step which eventually will be land ownership and a permaculture Farm.

I am definitely excited to see aquaponics in action. I have ran aquaponics a couple of times but only smaller systems and cannot really wait until I get to do really large systems.

I definitely want a natural pool where I can go swim with the fishes. And as well have more ibex containers with screens in them so that the hatchlings and smaller fish can survive before experiencing the great ocean of the pool.

This means that the greenhouse area for my pool area is going to be pretty large.

and especially it all being glassed in I will run troughs that will be able to be disconnected close to the roof to grow plants that can last long time and continually bear fruit and medicine as well as food.

Personally I'm really excited.

Thank you everyone for all the votes support and help we are helping to grow this community and give back to others.

Awesome job everybody this community is continuing to go strong

Got my physical therapy done and two more weeks with the possibility of maybe getting to be released early.


Biden is a total joke and I hope Democrats understand how stupid they are for voting for him...

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I wonder how long it's going to take the Democrats before they finally admit how bad they screwed up