How did you get here and why are you still here?



Month before April 20th ganjafarmer was born

Not a person was stirring now even a mouse.

Bet they was baked...

Wow so a friend of mine told me to spend my cigarette money and some Bitcoin which I laughed and said no to. I don't believe in this computer money thing...

Oh wow that was a mistake however he kept on it and kept harassing me. Finally I said sure why not.

Back then it was really not very many people. And I really didn't get a lot but this was more of my grow log and so forth.

I didn't really expect things to end up like they are today.


Now I know so much more about the world of finance. Leveraging money. And now I have a portfolio as well as huge beginnings at my own cryptocurrency future.


I did a stint as a repossession agent and I was growing weed at a buddy of mine's house. Excellent little side job well I'm working on rebuilding things in my life just like usual.

And I do believe this is just before I gotten Zeus.

Well I came here and there was really nobody other than this cool cat...


No joke this is a total OG! Yep original content!

And pioneer of the cannabis tag.

@dajohns1420 totally check his work out.

Total fire.

Was just talking about him.

Well of course life happens and things change I started helping with the Cannabis Community which. Well I had a huge part to do with starting and growing all that.

My main problem was in the early days during a meeting multiple times things just devolved into a complete mess with Petty and professional behavior from others in the group towards me with @jonyoudyer completely leaving me hanging.

Even though we were extremely tight friends he really failed to have my back. And because of that with the entire cannabis community I've pretty well held a grudge until today. Time I need to let things go.

I had walked away from a tremendous amount of work that I had put into building the Cannabis community on here.

Well anyway because that project ended I went around and started working with other projects helping other people growing the community in other ways and wow holy cow it has been a ride UPs Downs left right back forwards...

Making new friends and over fist experiencing the world through other people's eyes getting too experience other cultures having New opportunities open up and closing just as quickly.

Then of course there was a gold mining holy cow wow that just wow.

Lots of ups and downs putting a lot of work into things that suddenly don't pan out and opportunities close out.

Well next thing you know we move on and we are starting to become headline news these days.

Awesome we have Justin scum and the crazy events that happened.

I actually got interrupted by that little pussy... I actually gave up my spot to speak just to hear him talk about a win-win.

And of course we have watched some crazy events happen and the wild market keeps going crazy and crazier next thing you know I end up divesting myself of the previous blockchain and fully invest myself here as well as keeping a little bit of cryptocurrency which through some bad moves of my own ended up really crapping things out.

So I bought one ethereum and when it went up I sold it and thought I did pretty well however mistakenly with the fees I ended up with about as much as I had started with....

Wow what a learning experience okay all righty well cool then I bought 850 Hive which actually was pretty reasonable but because it has been able to work as an offset for my wonderful @skateHive delegation.

Absolutely killer work with that community. And holy cow wow they just really blew up nicely.

And wow. Then other cool people. Really. It's been a wild time.

Watching The blockchain grow evolve and now we have these wonderful nfts and Hive engine.

Which leads me to another point.

Honestly enough until today I've been doing it all wrong.

Today actually I need to work with things instead of carving my own channel. And I've been bucking and being an idiot. Honestly. My words.

Time to move on. Time to look and learn more and be a better me. Grudges arnt worth it and over Internet drama?

Well now? I'm responsible for him having a future. Which I need to open a puppy dog account and get into my work.




Which is really I want to continue building and empowering.

Now alot of this has been been in my mind with @thelogicaldude and speaking with him.

Yep. Great friend and solid advice. Too bad more people don't listen to him.

And I need to do that. Listen more I stead of reacting.

Yes this is the wild wild West and instead of doing things my way I need to go back to helping other people and growing.

So. Yeah. Today has some work for me to do.

@jonyoudyer I apologize for holding a grudge and speaking Ill of you.

Time for me to be more interactive with the Cannabis community as a whole. And not be so critical of others.

Maybe I can yank @cowboyblazerfan into posting more. Yeah me too. Sounds like I need to hear his words too.

Anyway. Sending up prayers for him.

And next....


Wow. I'm spending alot of time there. Burning all sorts of crazy stuff about each one of these different tokens that I've got and trading them as well as now working on my buy and sell orders.

I am definitely interested in starting to learn more about how I can enable myself and also help reward the other amazing content creators these days with everything that I'm rolling together.

From helping out with gold miners as well as I do helping out the community during wildfires.

What is really kept me here has been the community my friends all the way across the globe and the hope for financial success if I've learned and listened to some amazing individuals.

People have helped me in this opportunity if I would have been smart enough I would have just said yes to both opportunities and ended up with a ton of cryptocurrency.

Right now I'd be so much better off had I listened.

And then honestly enough what is really been holding me back on the blockchain?

Myself and my behavior. I have engaged in drama myself and I've also been a complete dick and held some pretty dumb grudges over what now I realize is really Petty things.

So I've got a lot of apologies to make I'm just like any idiot that goes out and makes a bunch of stupid decisions you need to go back and apologize.

So to everybody else that I've hurt and mistreated as well as said dumb words to...

Well the dumb words that I have said were because I am not a very smart person and need to grow more myself.

Time to just move on.

The Cannabis Community deserves more for me than holding grudges.

Honestly enough I have a huge pile of weed cash and I've got a ton of friends on here that I can go support.

Time for me to turn on my magic. Time for me to be a better person and to rise up above the petty behavior that I am guilty of.

My main focus is to inspire and encourage others. I have enabled quite a few of my friends and empowered them to see the hope and what they've done and I'm forever grateful to have these amazing people in my life.

And then thank you very much puppy dog for your words of wisdom. My puppy dog has been an inspiration for me to make quite a few changes.

And then on top of it this blockchain has now got me $1,500 worth of Bitcoin cryptocurrency plus everything that is on here.

For me to be rewarded in so many huge ways. Thank you very much. Everyone who reads this I really appreciate your support because it was all of my friends and the cool people I know. Yep all those people on the blockchain even the ones I disagree with and reacted badly towards.

If it wasn't for a big huge community and getting to know all sorts of different people I wouldn't be able to have a part of this and neither would they.

This is definitely a different world. I need to continue and start doing things in a better way.

What is next
Anyway what do I see for the future?

Well I've got some pretty cool friends that I've recently gotten started on here that I want to teach them more about this Hive engine and all the non fungible tokens.

And wow. So I can only see a huge amount of learning for me because of course I could have at any time learned all about this long time ago and been farther ahead than I currently am now.

Well sometimes it's hard for people to embrace change and I definitely can see that in myself.

So the biggest thing for me would be to embrace learning and the entire financial side of this.

I actually did really well with my buy and sell orders on hive blog wallet...

I guess now it's time for me to start working a little bit more into quite a few different areas.

Personal growth is not very easy to accept. I would really like it if somebody could just give me an operation or a pill.

Or like the matrix download Kung fu so I instantly know all Kung fu..

But that is the entire experience of being human. Time for me to let go of some of the past and move on to the Future.


No since of living in the past, or holding grudges, especially over the internet. Only option is to always move forward, and onward. This place is amazing. What's important is to also have fun while we do it. Where else can post and earn off our content in a censorship free environment? Well I can think of a few, but they suck.

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Time to start living for the present. And I'm learning that I have so much more to learn in this world.

So much better that I just accept this and continue onwards.

Thank you very much