Dogs and the War on Weed and Racism of the state in California.






Here's some dog action...

Legal weed....

Well the Hmong people have immigrated into the United States after the end of the Vietnam War in which the CIA and United States military contractors needed their help in Laos and Vietnam during Vietnam War.

A lot of people don't realize is that we absolutely had a war in Laos that was completely off the table off the books and a complete Black operation. And as a result these native indigenous Southeast Asians that lived a very quiet peaceful agricultural based life had to relocate due to persecution and the knowledge that communist Vietnam was killing and abusing these indigenous tribesmen after the war it ended.

Having them move to the west coast of the United States and then started growing cannabis as well as trafficking and sales of cocaine and heroin.

The refusal to comply with commercial cannabis laws and black market sales Black market cultivation have skyrocketed.

For $1,000 a pound you can own massive amounts of cannabis flowers that have been illegally grown and have completely sidestepped California state law and as well California regulations.

Targeting these individuals and preventing them from having water has been first and foremost among the police as well as the administration of the State of California.

During these operations firearms as well as meth heroin and cocaine have all been found as well as other drugs.

On top of that law enforcement has to go in with fully automatic machine guns and even then they are hopelessly outnumbered.

A lot of these elders from the Hmong community were directly involved in the Vietnam War and fighting with American soldiers without any acknowledgment from the United States military for their services. And now the second generation of these jungle tribesmen are now growing cannabis and deeply involved in the black market sales.

As well because they're Asian they're able to work with other Asian gangs including the Chinese the Vietnamese and others.

Personally I've seen their product be sold to gangsters and beginning the entire trafficking journey to the East Coast Midwest and southeast United States by gentleman gangsters as well as other criminal elements.

Transporting hundreds of pounds per trip at $1,000 per pound you are looking at a very lucrative operation that is funding this while a lot of these lower level individuals are paid nearly nothing.

However at the center of this conflict is a fight for water when you have farmers in the area using millions of gallons for each farm during a drought.

However the Hmong people growing illegal cannabis are not legally allowed to buy water. Or to transport water in.

And next up the Hmong have systematically and repetitively left absolute destruction and as well massive amounts of environmental damage litter crash and garbage in every area that they have had these grows.

The War on drugs right now is a war on tax. That is all it is and to specifically Target an ethnic group in the center of this.

These people only make up 2% of the population however the massive amount of police resources have changed this entire situation into something more.