Covid for profit! Project Veritas



Well this is just going over something everybody actually knows.

Covid is Big Business and for you to get those government grants and reimbursements you need to make sure that you have enough individuals coming through that test positive.

Well in this specific example they are talking about some guy who shows up with gunshot wounds and ends up with covid.

Well how about we rewind and coronaviruses were found in the 1970s I believe 1979 specifically.

Pretty much these are the reasons why we are having a pretty decent seasonal flu. Odds are if you have had the flu most likely really good ones that cuz some of the most severe symptoms you would have experienced having a coronavirus.

Pretty much every single individual on the face of this planet has had a coronavirus infection in their life at least once.

And all the sudden now everybody's freaking out about how the world will end if people get sick from Corona.

Well it's time to pass the salt in the line because that's not the way this works.

How this works really is that the United States outlawed gain of function testing and shut down for Dietrich and their infectious diseases program and somehow national institute of health as well as Anthony the scam fauci was able to get restarted and funded by the absolutely lowest tier research facility.

Wuhan infectious disease institute

Oh yeah let's talk about that how about the multiple lab leaks as well as completely inept workers and staff.

How about the design of the building is substandard and completely incapable of providing protection to the surrounding population.

And how about the fact that China opened this up with the help of France and then immediately screwed over France.....

After of course they built this big huge institute and biological safety laboratory that laughably isn't even biosafety level 1 rated. However they are running around saying it's a bsl-4 lab.....

Well the knowledge that the Chinese Communist party and people's liberation army owns this institute as well as every other one of the institutes and hospitals...

Ironically all this is overlooked.

However don't let Joe Rogan talk or ask questions otherwise the entire world ends up freaking out.

And it's amazing how much information as well as top level individuals have been on their show.

So much even the White House is now scared of a guy who made people eat insects and other disgusting things on the TV show...

So I guess the United States has proven that our administration is the most corrupt and propaganda filled administration ever.

And I guess it is time.

Looks like the American people are getting tired of this administration and the clumsy inept and idiotic propaganda.

Warning the American people might get tired of this and end up getting rid of them.

Personally I would invest in guillotine manufacturers...

However you don't want to bring up the fact that cannabis helps to keep the population from getting sick and overall has a much healthier population.

Let alone multiple issues with antiviral antifungal and antimicrobial health issues can be addressed with cannabis compounds...

Time to overgrow the world.


Yeah man its wild. Hopefully, we something like we see in Canada with the trucker convoy, emerges here in the USA. I doubt it but it is easy to see the negative and harder to realize the positive. Many still do not even know about gain of function yet and will scream at you for even bringing it up. Thanks for spreading awareness! Simple searches into cdc lab leaks or even just lab leaks will show any doubter that all over the world we have been too laxed with how we handle infectious diseases or even should make anyone wonder why we are even handling them.

The CDC documents show that it sent a letter of concern to USAMRIID, which resulted in a temporary shutdown of the Fort Detrick lab in 2019.
In an email on July 12, 2019, the CDC said the USAMRIID reported two breaches of containment on July 1 and July 11, 2019, and this demonstrated a "failure of USAMRIID to implement and maintain containment procedures sufficient to contain select agents or toxin generated by BSL-3 and BSL-4 laboratory operations."
"Effective immediately, USAMRIID must cease all work involving select agents and toxins in registered laboratory areas until the root cause investigation has been conducted for each incident and the results have been submitted to FSAP for review," the CDC said.