Breaking. Police are now allowed to hold criminals! No more instant bail or release!


OH shiznet antifa is going to be held accountable.

So why wasn't this done last year and I will give you the simple explanation of politics that is right the leaders of Portland Oregon committed a war on their own people.

Wow everyone was running around scared of the pandemic we had an absolute full summer of riots and violence with criminals being loud to completely dominate the entire city.

And the numbers show it from simple crimes being absolutely through the roof to violent crimes being out of 26 year high....

Yep that's right Portland has never been more violent.

Meanwhile protesters are labeled as peaceful and non-violent when they're throwing improvised explosive incinerary weapons towards police officers in the form of firework mortar shells.

They don't even hide it.

Police injuries? Yep.

And... This is the channel. Lovely. Full of videos of criminal behavior. And attempts to overthrow the government of Portland. That's a crime. Yep know all about what will get you in prison and there's laws against that.




And here is the catch. You are being sold that you are helping to destroy this huge criminal empire. It was founded by these bad white guys that made up this document really doesn't mean anything now.

Actually a bunch of white guys had enough contact Native Americans as well as the Iroquois Confederacy and didn't even have the language or brain power to write a document however they asked the Iroquois Confederacy to help them write it and it was only after multiple drafts that everything was formulated and acceptable enough for these old white parts who were actually young at the time.

Thus the idea of a constitutional republic was born. Oh wait actually this is a complete rip off of the Great Law of Peace and started out a new idea that while they still ended up committing extreme amounts of genocide in the name of manifest destiny also change the course of human dreams and freedom.

And antifa wants to destroy this because of course white people are bad and old white people are even worse.

And all of this angry mob violence?

Now even the mayor wants the violent criminals to be jailed. Oh wait a minute didn't Mayor Ted wheeler try to join these criminals?

Actually yes he did.




And wasn't it pretty epic that he was immediately threatened that they would attack his office. Yep... What?

Really .. watch the video.

0:54 seconds.

Or the next time the wrath will be on his office? That's a threat isn't it... Wow. Intentions. And here is the mayor wearing a mask saying what they want.

At 1 minute and 50 seconds the entire attitude of the crowd changes and then the mayor is attacked...

Wait wasn't he there to help them out?

And this begins the laser attacks...

Oops. That might have been a tactic shared by me and as well hongkong.

And absolutely we had quite a bit of laser warfare going on during these protests along with....

Hang on this will be really good.

Molotov cocktail boy....

Yep that's right this guy lit himself on fire.

Oh wow what a fun time this guy had.

And as we keep seeing with the cycle.

When you encourage individuals you allow them to continue to commit crimes and be released with the pale already paid and then getting to the point where individuals are just booked and released with no repercussions.

I was told that there are cases from 2019 that will only be approached when they get close to the statute of limitations closing before prosecution actually happens.

Which that means of course right here yours truly my crime won't get f****** prosecuted.

Let alone how many videos have I just shown you of all of the violence.

Now as we have gone through we have shown a complete escalation from improvised explosive devices to Molotov cocktails as well as lasers.

And now the most egregious and saddening.,.

And honestly enough I would like to say that this has shocked me to my core. The person who is murdered in this incident is a victim of terrorism.

And the other side of the story this individual happens to be 100% antifa to the core and then ends up murdering another individual and apparently flees to Washington.

So after this individual murders another individual over political ideological differences....

Then he runs to Washington and gets into a shootout with authorities there.

And then there is hope.

Hopefully this year does not Mark a continuation of even more violence in the Portland area because even the common Man is absolutely tired of hearing about this.

I thought Portland was supposed to be a hippie place and since weed was legal there was supposed to be way less violence.

Well if you guys have gotten this far into it I hope you guys have enjoyed.

The worst part is is that I could tell you that everything I wrote is opinion which it absolutely is however the video itself speaks.

Think for yourself don't listen to somebody on the news watch the video

And hopefully all of violence will come to a crashing and now that police and law enforcement are not going to tolerate further rioting.

And I would like to see more than just the useful idiots being arrested I would really like to see the individuals who are really behind this actually receive charges.

I'm really hoping this summer will be a summer of calm quiet peace and rebuilding our economy....

So many small businesses were destroyed and all we have to look forward to is more violence cannot be acceptable...


Antifa are terrorists... Just plain and simple. I wish Oregon was never like this but it seems a lot of people are delusional about the history of America.

God bless America.

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Oh they're definitely going to absolutely love life in the correction system


Specifically, they will love the showers when a gay 8 foot tall Trump farm boy who is in for rape wants to discuss their actions with them

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Good, it would suck if I was visiting and some psychos were running around destroying the place we were trying to admire.

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