Black lives matter money laundering scheme uncovered!


The reality of Black Lives Matter money laundering scheme.

Yep and the Democratic party is apart of this.


Yep this entire thing stinks of money laundering and using the dumbest trick in the book which happens to have been the breaking bad money laundering scheme.

However much of this money was siphoned and filtered off to key players and paid actors.

Let alone I can definitely see how the national lawyers guild has been complicit.

As well as district attorneys and so many City officials especially here in the Portland Oregon area.

Not to mention we also had small businesses get in on the action with the free food agenda and the unlimited so-called donations that really weren't donations at all however financial enticements.

As I have said from the beginning this is a paid insurrection and if you follow the money you will start seeing more of the key players funding useful idiots and we are talking about some pretty big money.

As an organization black lives matter has actually done nothing to support African-American communities other than participating in organized looting and encouraging the entire Community to get involved with crime spree damaging small businesses.

Out of the entire riot the biggest loser was the communities.

We now have a massive amount of individuals running around with a huge legal issue.

Yep a lot of these individuals now have exceptionally detailed criminal histories.

What is going to happen when the new district attorney besides to take action here in Portland Oregon?

Because let's be honest the current one has absolutely refused to do their job.

Personally I had a crime happen and the district attorney hasn't even taken action even though I handed them the case on a golden platter as well as caught the individuals.

However no action has been taken in the court system.

And it is this failure that is responsible for the destruction of Portland.

That and the court system refusing to be open and actively start managing the backlog of criminal defendants.

Letting all those prisoners out of not only prison but also the jails and then not enforcing law has ended up having dire consequences.

And just wait only more bad stuff is coming because there is no examples being made in policing and the riots as well as insurrection here in Portland just continue.

I'm going to go smoke some weed...

Oh wait cannabis tax dollars are now going to full legalization of hard drugs and enabling the state of Oregon to continually overspend with no repercussions....