My Proof Of Existence


The whole idea of this post in the first place is just a true reflections of my true feelings.

I feel confused sometimes when I do something and have a bad feeling about it but still carried on because I thought it was the right thing to do and also life's comes with the good and bad times.

So whenever i feel the bad feeling is being revealing in what I'm doing at that present moment, i deal with it and try to stay strong to fight and stay strong even if the best I'm giving is not trying to solve the situation.

The best I can do is to stay strong and have hope in what I believe in.

My proof of existence is my life's doing, what I'm achieving at the moment and what I'm impacting to the world as a whole.

I come from a place where my thoughts and intentions doesn't matter so the best thing I could do is to at least make myself happy.

When I feel really bad or down the only escape I have is to get myself to forget that particular problems even when I know that the fun will eventually wear off and I'll be back to reality but it is a sacrifice I really have to take.

Most of the times I choose #weed and #cannabis because it is the best thing for me to really escape from that particular situation and also I've learnt how to stay healthy as well at least try.

I take ginger, turmeric and garlic tea early in the morning to clear my lungs and also tumeric is an antioxidant to clear the system. I learnt that on several studies only that I can't start naming one by one.

I also take moringa tea whenever I'm chanced to see the plant around me.
I feel taking #weed and #cannabis either smoking or ingesting it because I believe if everyone one in the world smokes or ingest #weed or #cannabis there would be at least 5-10mins peace in the world. And that's is a fact I strongly affirm and believe in.

I decided to share this even though i might be judged and I don't really care anymore as long as it's making me happy and I'm not harming anyone for for my happiness.

I feel when I really began to feel my proof of existence(financially) was when I joined this whole decentralized system(Leo and Hive) and it was then I started feeling how it feels to really have a legit source of earning which i really find satisfactory.

I'm glad that things are going this way and for this year as a whole.

Thanks for reading through

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